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Trader Joe’s employees share 3 annoying things they wish shoppers would stop doing

Trader Joe's jobs are highly rated in the grocery business, but that doesn't mean they're free of annoyances.
One Trader Joe's worker said they weren't a fan of the store's pickle-flavored popcorn.

5 things that Trader Joe’s workers say they never buy

Trader Joe's employees say they avoid purchasing some product categories and specific items, usually because of price.

Trader Joe’s is one of the best places to work in the US — employees share the 7 best parts of the job

Trader Joe's jobs come with some big upsides, according to current and former crew members. Here are some of the positive aspects of working at the popular grocery chain.
Employees said they loved everything from the store's do-it-yourself guac to the reasonably-priced beers.

13 foods at Trader Joe’s employees say they can’t resist

Trader Joe's foods are purposefully quirky and preservative-free. A number of Trader Joe's crew members have divulged their own favorite food products online, from the store's marshmallows to its fried rice.

Trader Joe’s employees share 6 tips for getting the best deal at the store

Trader Joe's store employees have valuable insight into how shopper can save time and money at the store. From getting free cooking insights to utilizing the store's return policy, here is some of their best advice.
Make the most of your next Trader Joe's expedition.

15 things all Trader Joe’s employees know that most shoppers don’t

Trader Joe's store employees glean a ton of insider knowledge through their experiences working at the popular grocery chain. Here are some of the shopping tips and quirky facts they have learned by working there.