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Alice Liveing.

Most popular HIIT classes aren’t actually high intensity, according to a personal trainer — here’s what a HIIT workout really is

Real high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, involves working to 90% capacity and can't be maintained for a long period, according to Alice Liveing, a personal trainer and Instagram star.
What's your morning routine?

8 key ways running can transform your body and brain

By improving aerobic fitness, running is a great way to help improve cardiovascular health. Plus, it burns calories and can build strength. But there's also a long list of psychological benefits runners can get from their sport.
Ensuring your safety is a flight attendant's primary role.

A flight attendant’s primary job is to keep you safe — and they’re trained extensively for any kind of emergency

Here's an inside look at the extensive, sometimes eight-week training all flight attendants must pass to keep passengers safe.

The winner of the Boston Marathon explains how to complete a marathon, from signing up to crossing the finish line

Boston Marathon champion Des Linden shares her advice on how to train for a marathon, how to run a marathon, and how to stay motivated.

The creator of the viral 7-minute workout says this is the best way to prevent a fitness injury

Simply stretching a few muscles or raising your heart-rate by hopping on a piece of gym equipment is not enough to avoid injury.
Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie with families

Florida high school teachers had active shooter training 6 weeks before the attack — and students say it saved their lives

Both students and teachers said the training educators received was invaluable during the Florida school shooting.

It might be healthier to run a mile than a marathon

Interval workouts may actually be healthier than extremely long ones, even though they consume far less time. Here's why.

Impressive photos of the US and South Korea’s massive air drills that should have North Korea on edge

This week will see 230 warplanes, from both the US and South Korean Air Forces, fly over eight US and South Korean military bases.

5 surprising facts about getting into shape, according to a professional trainer

Some of the greatest benefits of your training might actually be related to your mental health.