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Trump is swiftly backtracking on a radical change to his trade policy

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the US won't get back in the TPP trade deal, ending a wild five day turnaround on a major trade policy.
President Donald Trump

Top Republican senator: Trump wants to jump back in the massive trade deal he once called a ‘rape of our country’

Sen. Ben Sasse said President Donald Trump directed Larry Kudlow and Robert Lighthizer to get the US back into the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Larry Kudlow.

Larry Kudlow keeps suggesting Trump should take major trade action on China — and it sounds a lot like the deal he killed in his first days in o...

Kudlow keeps suggesting Trump may take trade action on China that sounds a lot like the vaunted trade deal he killed as soon as he took office

Asia-Pacific nations sign sweeping trade deal without US

Malaysia's Minister...

Republican senators are begging Trump to reverse one of his first major economic decisions

25 GOP senators sent a letter asking President Trump to re-engage on talks to make the US part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Republicans are getting worried about Trump starting a trade war

Republican members of Congress are concerned that Trump's hardline stance on trade could trigger a series of retalitory trade measures by other countries.

How Trump killed Obama’s vaunted trade deal — and why it could affect the US for decades

President Donald Trump's decision to squash the deal crushed the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's "pivot to Asia."