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Cases on transgender rights issues are going to court

3 big transgender rights cases are going to court this week, and they could set important legal precedent

Courts in three different states are hearing cases pertaining to transgender people using the facilities that correspond to their gender identity instead of biological sex
Two store assistants help a shopper in Topshop's flagship New York store.

Topshop just got rid of gender-specific changing rooms

The policy change, made in October, was brought to light after a transgender shopper was denied entrance to the women's changing rooms.

L’Oreal ends contract with first transgender model over ‘all white people are racist’ Facebook post

Munroe Bergdorf, 29, said: "This 'rant' was a direct response to the violence of WHITE SUPREMACISTS in Charlottesville. It was not written this week."

James Mattis allows transgender service members to remain in place while a study on Trump’s ban gets underway

"Our focus must always be on what is best for the military's combat effectiveness ..."

The White House is reportedly close to issuing official guidelines for Trump’s military transgender ban

The stunning reversal of President Barack Obama's military transgender policy is gaining momentum.

‘I am so glad we are not going this way’: UK military chiefs hit back at Trump’s transgender ban

"I am so glad we are not going this way," Rear Admiral Alex Burton, Commander UK Maritime Forces, tweeted.

The Justice Department appears to be gearing up for a legal fight with the LGBTQ community

"Title VII does not reach discrimination based on sexual orientation."

‘What is going on in soulless USA?’: Russian media fawned over Trump’s transgender ban

Russian media followed Trump's tweets about banning transgender people from serving in the US military closely.

Trump just revealed a deep misunderstanding of what it means to be transgender

Trump tweeted that he plans to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Here's what it means to be transgender in the US forces.