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The cost of a license varies as much as the difficulty of the test.

Here’s how much it costs to get a driver’s license in 20 different countries around the world

At almost $4,000, Norway has one of the most expensive driver's license costs in the world. In comparison, a license in Thailand costs less than $20. See how much prices and tests themselves vary around the world.
Quality used cars can save you money on insurance and registry renewals.

Here are 13 things you should do before you buy a car

Buying a used car can be a smart investment if you know how to pick out a quality ride. Here are 13 things you should do before you buy a used car to make sure you don't end up stuck with a lemon that's packed with money-sucking problems.
Zipline CEO and cofounder Keller Rinaudo.

IGNITION 2018: Hear from the Silicon Valley CEO whose startup is using drones to deliver blood bags

Hear from Keller Rinaudo at IGNITION as he discusses how robotics are transforming logistics and transportation and what his startup, Zipline, has planned for the future.
Dave Limp, senior VP of Amazon Devices, made most of the announcements at Amazon's September 20 event

Amazon made 5 game-changing announcements at its biggest event of the year

Amazon made dozens of announcements at its September event in Seattle, but a handful of game-changers deserve to be highlighted.

A long-dormant high-speed rail project meant to connect Las Vegas and Southern California has a new owner

A Florida-based company announced it plans to take over a long-dormant high-speed rail project designed to connect Las Vegas with Southern California. Brightline Trains said it will acquire XpressWest in hopes of bringing an electric-powered train to the West Coast.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the new Roadster.

Elon Musk might be doing some weird stuff — but that’s nothing new for the car business

Plenty of questions have been asked about Tesla CEO Elon Musk of late. Musk has cranked out ill-advised tweets, taunted his critics, failed to take Tesla private, and smoked a little pot. But Musk's behavior is mild compared to other legends of the car business

The iconic VW Beetle is going away — here’s what it was like to drive a $27,000 version of the Bug

VW is ending the long run of the Beetle, as consumers switch preferences to SUVs and crossovers. The car was in production, in various forms, for 80 years. A few years back, I tested an offbeat trim level — the Dune Beetle — and I was impressed.
Form, meet function.

The Tesla Model 3 interior sets a radical new standard for auto design

Tesla has reset expectations with the interior of the Model 3, the company's long-awaited mass-market vehicle. And the touchscreen that controls nearly everything is just the beginning. We took a deeper dive into the Model 3's insides.

Grab and NUS have created a multi-million dollar ‘AI Lab’ to solve traffic issues across Southeast Asia

The Lab aims to solve problems such as traffic congestion and could possibly reduce travel times by a 1/3rd.

One of the biggest problems facing self-driving trucks has little to do with the technology

Tesla, Otto, and other tech firms are developing autonomous trucks. But legal experts and trucking analysts worry that current liability laws aren't adapting to self-driving trucks.