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You've heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for tree in the ground.

People in a small Pennsylvania city are using a Christmas tree to fill a persistent pothole

A group of neighbors in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, were fed up with a pothole on their street so they called attention to it in a creative way.
Pedestrians walk through the city center in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg just became the first country to offer free public transportation, but the policy might not work as planned

Luxembourg just became the first country to offer free public transit to its citizens. The area suffers from heavy traffic and congestion.
Flight attendants are trained to keep passengers are safe.

Flight attendants reveal the first things they notice when travelers board a plane

A Quora thread that asks "What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?" reveals exactly what they're looking for.
Truck drivers everywhere have to deal with traffic jams — including in Indonesia.

Fascinating photos show what it’s like to be a truck driver in different parts of the world — from driving pandas to the airport to spendi...

Truck drivers around the world have more in common than you might think. These fascinating photos show what truck drivers' lives look like in different countries.
Rachel Holt (left) and Ryan Rzepecki.

IGNITION 2018: Hear from execs at Uber and Jump Bikes as they chart the future of transportation

Rachel Holt and Ryan Rzepecki are leading the charge.

Fascinating photos show what it’s like to have some of the wildest commutes in the world

The average commuter usually rides in a bus, train, or car, but for some commuters around the world, swimming or zip lining to work is just as normal.
The cost of a license varies as much as the difficulty of the test.

Here’s how much it costs to get a driver’s license in 20 different countries around the world

At almost $4,000, Norway has one of the most expensive driver's license costs in the world. In comparison, a license in Thailand costs less than $20. See how much prices and tests themselves vary around the world.
Quality used cars can save you money on insurance and registry renewals.

Here are 13 things you should do before you buy a car

Buying a used car can be a smart investment if you know how to pick out a quality ride. Here are 13 things you should do before you buy a used car to make sure you don't end up stuck with a lemon that's packed with money-sucking problems.