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Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong were the top 3 destinations for Singaporeans in 2019: Report

Intra-Asia travel dominated the top 10 list of 2019, with Asian cities taking up nine spots - the outlier being London.

Haven’t booked a year-end trip yet? Don’t worry, the best time to book air tickets is actually 7 days in advance, says Expedia

Expedia says the sweet spot is 7 to 13 days in advance, when fares are up to 30% cheaper.

Travellers can now book Grab on Booking.com’s app – and IMs to drivers will be translated to the local language

The service will be available in 43 languages and currencies, and will have an auto-translate messaging platform.

Singaporeans are paying more than what they bargained for when booking trips online: Study

Out of the 524 consumers that were surveyed, 81% reported having to pay a higher price than advertised.

We used Google Flights and Kayak to see which is best for booking travel — here’s the verdict

Kayak and Google Flights offer most of the same features. But there are a few key differences that set them apart, so we compared the two to see which one is easier to use and offers cheaper flights.

Uber is thinking of getting into the travel business

"Uber Travel" looks like a normal flight search like you would see on Expedia, but it adds Uber cars to the mix.