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The Umshiang Double-Decker root bridge in India.

In the wettest place in the world, people grow ‘living’ bridges out of tree roots that can stand strong for centuries

In the state of Meghalaya in northeastern India, people grow living root bridges that are said to hold the weight of over 35 people.

Here’s everything to do at the Botanic Gardens’ new extension, which will now open at the end of this year

The Botanic Gardens’ new extension has been delayed by a year - here’s what it will offer when it’s finally open.
The Christmas weed in all its glory.

People in Ohio are decorating a weed growing in a sidewalk crack like a Christmas tree

A family in Toledo, Ohio, saw a weed growing through a crack in the sidewalk and decided to decorate it like a Christmas tree.

A farmhouse in Italy is getting a 50-year-old giant tree in its living room — take a look

A design firm is renovating an Italian farmhouse with a giant tree in the living room. The building will open as a private residence in late 2019.
Pando, also known as the "Trembling Giant," is located in Utah.

Earth’s largest living organism is now in danger of disappearing because of fire and damage from humans

Pando, in Utah, is considered the world's largest organism. Utah State University researchers have found that the colony is shrinking because of human activity and the presence of wildlife. They predict that the 106-acre colony could die if humans don't take steps to help young trees grow.
Left to right: Maksim Mikhailov and his team: Daniil Nechaev, Igor Lositsky and Gleb Zagarskikh, as they accept the gold medal at the 2017 World Robot Olympiad.

This 16-year-old invented a robot that can help scientists keep trees and forests healthy

Called Forrester, this robot uses a technique called "sounding" to help arborists identify sick trees and diagnose them.
The 95th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting at the White House Ellipse in Washington, D.C., November 30, 2017.

The Great Recession is having an unexpected impact on Christmas tree sales nearly a decade later

More consumers are choosing to buy fake Christmas trees as the cost of real trees has grown steadily over the past few years.

It’s harder than you might think finding 9,000 trees for Apple’s futuristic new campus

Upon completion, Apple's futuristic new campus will consist of 80% landscaping.

Here’s when the beautiful fall colors on trees will peak in your area

Depending on where you are, the leaves might have turned in late September, or wait until early November.