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David Boies and Alan Dershowitz have been warring for years after one of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers also accused Dershowitz of rape.

A sexual misconduct allegation from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims sparked a quiet war between two of America’s most powerful lawyers. N...

Jeffrey Epstein accuser VIrginia Giuffre also accused Alan Dershowitz of sexual misconduct. The case sparked a battle between two legal titans.
Meghan McCain attends 11th Annual IAVA Heroes Gala at Cipriani in NYC.

In a powerful essay, Meghan McCain shared her ‘distressingly common’ experience of having a miscarriage

Now, Meghan McCain said she is speaking out because a "miscarriage carries so much cultural taboo."

A gas station clerk was fired after he told a group of Latina women to ‘go back to their country’

In a video that went viral on Facebook, an employee at Bucky's Express in Naperville, Illinois, argued with women over their right to be in the US.
The Facebook event was created by Anthony Dominick Carnovale a writer from Phoenix, Arizona.

There’s now an event encouraging people to ‘storm’ the Bermuda Triangle and more than 40,000 people have signed up

The event's organizer told INSIDER that he doesn't plan to travel to the mysterious region. Instead, he wants to organize a festival in Miami.
An emu has been on the loose in North Carolina for weeks.

An emu has evaded capture in North Carolina for 3 weeks — and experts warn that this is no laughing matter

An emu has been on the loose in North Carolina for weeks. Officials have come close, but they haven't quite caught the bird.
Mainland High School in Volusia County, Florida.

A high school gave 336 students fake AP exams when the district didn’t have funding to pay for the real ones. Students didn’t find out unt...

At Mainland High School in Volusia County, Florida, 336 students were given fake AP exams because the district couldn't pay for the tests.

#IStandWithIlhan: Bernie Sanders, George Takei, and Susan Sarandon are among thousands voicing support for the congresswoman after Trump rally attende...

Thousands used the hashtag after President Donald Trump’s supporters chanted “Send her back” in an apparent reference to Ilhan Omar.
Not quite.

Police were called to the scene of a boy selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ but found it was just a ‘marketing strategy’

In tiny letters, the word "root" was hidden in the "Ice Cold Beer" sign. The Utah boy was selling root beer, not alcohol.

A city in Florida is blasting ‘Baby Shark’ overnight to keep homeless people from sleeping in parks

West Palm Beach, Florida, is playing children’s songs, including "Baby Shark" and "Raining Tacos" at Waterfront Lake Pavilion overnight.

After just 8 months, the head of Planned Parenthood is out

Planned Parenthood has removed Leana Wen as president of the organization, after only eight months on the job.