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Travelers should always beware of bookings that seem too good to be true.

11 signs the trip you’re planning could be a scam

From grammatical mistakes on travel websites to requiring early payment, there are tons of suspicious things to look out for when planning a trip.
Reynold's Wrap says it will pay someone to spend two weeks in August traveling around the US to find the best ribs.

You can get paid $10,000 to be a ‘chief grilling officer’ and travel across America and eat the best BBQ ribs in the country

Reynold's Wrap says it will supply its "chief grilling officer" and a guest with travel and lodging in some of the best BBQ cities in the US.
According to Bumble, its new "Global Connector Bee" will visit places like Australia, Canada, the UK, and US.

Bumble is looking to send someone on an all-expenses-paid trip around the world to go on dates for research

Bumble's "Global Connector Bee" will spend up to a year visiting places like Australia, Canada, the UK, and US, according to a company press release.
Passengers will visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, which served as King's Landing in the HBO series.

A cruise company is sending 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ fans on a free trip to visit the show’s iconic locations

The seven-day cruise, which departs August 8, 2020, will travel to Croatian cities like Dubrovnik and Split.
Arby's sent 11 lucky people to Hawaii for the six-hour trip of a lifetime.

Arby’s gave people round-trip flights to Hawaii for just $6, but they only got to spend 6 ‘sandwich-filled hours’ there. Here’...

INSIDER spoke with three of Arby's jet-setters about their six-hour trip to Hawaii, and all three said they would do it again.

Tour company Topdeck is offering an all-expenses paid trip to a mystery destination

To enter, you simply have to share your most spontaneous travel story.
A man walks close to damaged houses after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

How to get a refund for trips disrupted by hurricane season

Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and officials say power could be out for months. Here's what that means for travelers.

There’s new evidence that magic mushrooms could be among the safest recreational drugs

A new survey found that of the 10,000 people who reported taking magic mushrooms in 2016, just 0.2% of them reported needing emergency medical treatment.

7 myths about psychedelic drugs like LSD that are doing more harm than good

Ecstasy, LSD, and magic mushrooms are frequently portrayed as "recreational" or party drugs. This isn't always accurate, according to researchers.

A psychedelics expert says magic mushrooms will be approved for depression by 2027 — here’s why

"We treated people who'd been suffering for 30 years, and they're getting better with a single dose. That tells us this drug is doing something profound."