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Patrick Soon-Shiong at an NHS Confederation conference.

Biotech billionaire and Los Angeles Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong is talking to newspaper chain McClatchy about buying Tronc

BI PRIME: Soon-Shiong also remains Tronc's second-largest shareholder, with a nearly 25% stake. Michael Ferro, the Chicago entrepreneur who was formerly Tronc's chairman, is the largest shareholder, with a nearly 26% stake.

Bombshell report details worries of a ‘shadow’ newsroom and alleged spying at the Los Angeles Times

The report details claims the LA Times is hiring a "shadow" team of non-union staffers in a move that could threaten the jobs of newly unionized journalists.

Tronc is crashing more than 18% after Gannett terminates buyout talks

The owner of the USA Today is not buying the owner of the Chicago Tribune and the stocks are crashing.

Tronc and Gannett plunged on a report that banks have backed out of funding their deal

The deal talks are still ongoing, and both companies are working to make it happen, according to the report.

One company’s plan to dominate the dying newspaper industry

Newspapers are falling aside to make room for digital media, but this one company is fighting back

Tribune Publishing is changing its name to tronc, and everyone is making fun of it

The newspaper publisher is focusing on online content.