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Here’s what to expect from Trump’s impeachment trial on Wednesday

The trial is expected to last two weeks and start at 1 p.m. ET every day. It will be aired on TV and livestreamed using the Senate's video feed.
President Donald Trump pauses during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building December 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. The president was expected to outline a new strategy for U.S. foreign policy through the release of the periodic National Security Strategy, a document that aims to outline major national security concerns and the administration's plans to deal with them.

Senators will only be able to eat candy, drink milk and water during Trump’s impeachment trial

Since 1965, senators have upheld a tradition of stashing candy in a desk on the Republican side of the Senate floor.

From Clinton investigator to Trump impeachment defender: The life of controversial attorney Ken Starr

Kenneth Starr became a household name in the 1990s when he investigated then-President Bill Clinton in the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals.
Professor Alan Dershowitz listens to U.S. President Donald Trump speak during a Hanukkah Reception in the East Room of the White House on December 11, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Mitch McConnell pulled a ‘Machiavellian’ move to swing Trump’s impeachment trial in his favor

Constitutional scholars told Insider McConnell's maneuver was "cynically Machiavellian" and a "hyperpartisan" manipulation of Senate norms.

Here’s who becomes president if Trump is removed from office in an impeachment trial

The vice president is the first in the line of succession to the presidency, followed by the speaker of the House of Representatives.

Here’s what happens if Trump gets convicted by the Senate

If Trump is convicted, he would be removed effective immediately. The Senate would also vote on whether to bar him from holding office again.

How to watch Trump’s historic impeachment trial in the Senate

C-SPAN and TV networks will be barred from bringing their own cameras into the Senate chamber, meaning those networks will rely on the Senate's feed.
Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, presides over an impeachment hearing on November 21.

Meet the 7 House Representatives who will argue the case for convicting Trump in his upcoming impeachment trial

Pelosi selected a group with legal backgrounds and varying degrees of seniority in Congress to present the impeachment case in the Senate.
President Donald Trump delivers a speech at the 50th World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday.

Trump gave a rambling speech at Davos touting US economic achievements without mentioning the elephant in the room — his impeachment trial

In his Tuesday speech, President Donald Trump made no mention of his impending impeachment trial at the Senate, which was due to begin in a few hours.

New poll on the eve of Trump’s impeachment trial finds that 51% of Americans think he should be removed from office

A slim majority of Americans in a new CNN poll said the Senate should convict President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.