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PM Lee, Trump renew key defence pact on US use of Singapore air, naval bases

Trump said the US was “close friends” with Singapore, and he and PM Lee had gotten to know each other very well. 

With a piece of paper, Trump called on Kim to hand over nuclear weapons

While neither side has presented a complete account of why the summit collapsed, the document may help explain it.
President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un.

Journalists covering the Trump-Kim summit were given free USB fans — but security experts warn they may be Trojan horses full of malware

The USB fans gifted to journalists covering President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could just be that — a way to stay cool at a hot summit. But experts say it's not worth the risk to find out.
Scott Kim escaped North Korea four times. Every time, he was sent back was more brutal than the first.

‘Treated like animals’: A North Korean defector tells the brutal story of what happened to him after he was caught trying to escape

It took Scott Kim, a 32-year-old North Korean defector six years and four escapes to make it to South Korea. After he was sent back the first time, he was brought to a detention camp where he and his fellow inmates were "treated like animals."
Sen. Lindsey Graham

Top GOP senator says Kim Jong Un better not cross Trump, because ‘look what happened to Canada’

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham cited the fight between President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an example of why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will not cross the US.