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Cars are covered in snow on a snow-covered street on February 19, 2013 in Hefei, China.

Trump’s trade war with China just ended one car manufacturer’s incredible 46-month streak

Geely isn't alone — car sales in China fell for four months year-over-year, tracking for an annual decline for the first time in nearly three decades.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s suddenly talking about a big new trade deal with China, but analysts say it’s just ‘pre-election hype designed to make the m...

President Donald Trump's sudden talk of a trade deal could be a political ploy to boost the stock market before the midterm elections, analysts say.

Global markets are surging after reports Trump is ready to back down in his trade war with China

Stocks were rallying sharply Friday in premarket trading on reports of a potential trade breakthrough between the US and China.
President Donald Trump.

Trump’s trade war took a stunning bite out of the US economy, and it’s the strongest evidence yet that he’s shooting himself in the ...

The third-quarter GDP report showed that President Donald Trump's tariffs were disrupting the economy, as trade was the biggest drag in 33 years.
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Trump’s trade war with China is starting to get nasty for US companies

New surveys from the Federal Reserve and Markit found broad price pressures, while firms from Tesla to 3M are expecting millions in new costs.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk must pay a $20 million fine and step down as chairman of Tesla.

Tesla said it expects tariffs on Chinese parts to cost around $50 million during Q4

Tesla said on Wednesday that it expects tariffs on parts made in China to cost around $50 million during the fourth quarter of this year. The automaker said it expects gross margins on its Model S sedan and Model X SUV to fall slightly and gross margins for the Model 3 to remain stable during Q4.

Trump is pulling the US out of an obscure 144-year-old treaty to take a shot at China in the trade war

President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Universal Postal Union treaty, a 144-year-old postal agreement with 192 member countries. The target of the move appeared to be Trump's new rival: China.
Chinese President Xi Jinping; US President Donald Trump.

Trump and China look headed for a double-barreled trade and currency war with neither backing down

China's government has hit out at the Trump administration, accusing the US president of "bullying" over his aggressive tactics in the trade conflict between the two nations and saying it will "rise up" should things escalate further.
Gap's CEO said the company may be forced to raise prices.

These popular brands say Trump’s tariffs are forcing them to raise prices

Walmart, Gap, and Coca-Cola are among the companies who say they will be forced to raise prices because of Trump's tariffs on foreign imports.
President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

China hits back at Trump with tariffs on $60 billion of US goods

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday morning that it had "no choice" but to retaliate against the newly announced tariffs that will cover over half of all Chinese goods coming into the US.