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US stocks drop as markets around the world are pummeled by Trump’s intensifying trade war

The US administration late on Tuesday released a huge list of new tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods from China.

Switzerland joins a growing list of nations taking on Trump’s ‘unjustified’ tariffs

Switzerland becomes the eighth nation to challenge Trump's steel tariffs. The mountainous central European nation has filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organisation.
Carney v Trump. Things could get tasty.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney just took a shot at Trump over his trade war — and his Twitter account

"At the moment, protectionism is largely just talk (and tweets)," he said, while discussing the developing trade war.

The EU is reportedly plotting a major international effort to defuse Trump’s trade war — but the US isn’t buying it

The European Union is reportedly ready to hold talks with major car manufacturers about a coordinated effort to cut preexisting tariffs as a means of defusing President Donald Trump's trade war before it escalates further.
Woman holds an EU flag during a pro-democracy demonstration at the Old Town in Warsaw

Europe needs to do 2 things to win the trade war — which would simultaneously damage the US economy and infuriate Trump

While tariffs will hurt the businesses of European companies in the US, it will allow them to compete more aggressively with American firms in markets like China.
President Donald Trump

The EU hits back at Trump’s claim it is ‘as bad as China’ — reportedly threatening tariffs on $300 billion of goods

The European Union's letter reportedly said the bloc had not yet decided on countermeasures to possible auto tariffs but said it was "likely" to apply them to "a significant volume of trade" if President Donald Trump were to impose such tariffs.

Industrial stocks sink after Trump announces new tariffs on Chinese imports

The new tariffs directly affect aerospace, industrial machinery, raw materials, and automotive sectors, the trade representative said. Stocks including Boeing, Caterpillar, and automakers fell in trading after the taxes were announced.

Trump approves tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods and takes his trade war to a whole new level

The White House said it is considering an additional set of tariffs on another $100 billion of Chinese goods. In the statement, Trump said those measures would be implemented only if the Chinese strike back at Friday's move.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump

Canada is slapping tariffs on $12.8 billion of US goods — here are the states that stand to lose the most

Canada is hitting the US with massive tariffs in response to President Donald Trump's decision to hit the country with steel and aluminum tariffs. Based on US export data, here are the states that could be the hardest hit by the tariffs.
President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exchanged some dark humor about their escalating trade dispute at the G7 summit

On the opening day of the G7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exchanged some dark humor about the trade dispute currently roiling some of the US's oldest allies.