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Trump badly wants a strong stock market. New data suggests he should stop tweeting to help that happen.

On days when President Trump tweets more, the markets tend to fall by an average of 9 basis points, Bank of America data shows.
The president Wednesday retweeted a message from an apparent supporter, who promptly changed their name to insult the president.

Trump was seemingly tricked into retweeting someone who changed their profile to blast the words ‘F— Donald Trump’ and a Bernie Sand...

The president shared scores of messages from apparent supporters in a retweet spree Wednesday — but one account turned out to be not such a big fan.

Rex Tillerson once said his staff would print out Trump’s tweets and hand them to him to read

Rex Tillerson once said he doesn't have Twitter, so his staff printed out President Donald Trump's tweets for him. He was fired via Trump tweet on Tuesday.
Bahtiyar Duysak

The rogue Twitter employee who briefly banned Trump’s account explains how and why it happened

For 11 minutes earlier this month, President Trump's Twitter account was deactivated

From Corker to McConnell, here are all the Republican senators Trump has attacked on Twitter

President Donald Trump has used his Twitter to attack a wide array of people, including many members of his own party.
President Donald Trump departs for Pennsylvania from the White House on October 11, 2017.

A record number of Americans are fed up with Trump’s Twitter antics

The majority of voters also say the US's economy is in good shape, but most disapprove of how Donald Trump is handling the presidency.

Trump goes off on ’24/7 #Fake News’ and says his ‘base is getting stronger’ in tweetstorm

President Donald Trump posted a series of tweets on Monday morning about "Fake News," calling The New York Times "totally inept."

Trump goes off on Republicans in tweetstorm for failing to ‘protect’ him over ‘phony Russian Witch Hunt’

The tweets came one day after Trump pointed out his "complete power to pardon" individuals convicted of wrongdoing.