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Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at a parade in Tehran in September 2011.

Trump says US is ‘locked and loaded’ in response to attack on Saudi oil supply

Iran has denied allegations that it was behind the attack and a senior Iranian military official said the country was prepared for a "full-fledged war."

President Donald Trump owns more than $122 million in personal real estate — here’s a look at his penthouse and beachfront mansions

Donald Trump owns eight properties in his personal real-estate portfolio across the US and West Indies. Here's a closer look at all of them.

Trump promised to get rid of red ink in 8 years. But the deficit just topped $1 trillion for the first time since 2012.

The national deficit topped $1 trillion in the first 11 months of the fiscal year, the Treasury Department said this week.
The exhibit is on view in Manhattan's East Village.

A wall with over 500 IUDs shaped like Trump is now on display in New York City

Two anonymous artists enlisted friends and wrapped hundreds of tiny plastic Trump figures in copper wire to create the artwork.

Dem candidates stumble on how to counter Trump on the trade war with China

The question of how to reclaim their trade playbook was on full display at the third Democratic primary debate Thursday night.

US military flights to the airport near Trump’s Turnberry resort have doubled since he took office

259 military crews refueled at Scotland's Prestwick Airport in 2019, the closest one to Trump's struggling resort. 40 Air Force crews lodged there.

China says it will exclude soybeans and pork from additional tariffs, marking a huge win for US farmers in the trade war

China said that it would be pushing its domestic companies to purchase a "certain amount of US farm produce."

The US budget deficit has topped $1 trillion so far this year — and it’s expected to surge to more than double that within a decade

Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign promised he would eliminate government debt, and tweeted before his election: "Deficits not allowed!"
Farmer John Duffy and Roger Murphy load soybeans from a grain bin onto a truck

A key Democrat is trying to block Trump’s multibillion dollar farmer bailout program

Ahead of the 2020 elections, Trump has sought to placate American farmers hurt by his trade war with China.

2 former college students might be going to jail after they allegedly tried to hack Trump’s tax returns with a fake financial aid application in...

The former Haverford College student thought they could hack Trump's tax returns by filling out a fake FAFSA under Tiffany Trump's name.