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President Donald Trump went on the offensive against CNN's Jim Acosta in a post-midterms press conference on Wednesday.

Democrats are reportedly gearing up to investigate Trump’s actions against CNN and the Washington Post

Rep. Adam Schiff told Axios that House Democrats plan to investigate President Donald Trump's attacks on press freedom.

The government is raking in billions of dollars from Trump’s tariffs. Americans are the ones paying.

President Donald Trump likes to talk about the money Washington is making from his tariffs. Most of it is probably coming from American pocketbooks.
(L to R) House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Democrats just gained a powerful investigative tool that could change the whole landscape of the House Russia probe

The most crucial weapon at Democrats' disposal, particularly in the wake of Jeff Sessions' ouster, is the ability to subpoena documents and witnesses.

Trump watched midterm election results with Republican donors while eating pizza and french fries

Dozens of President Donald Trump’s friends attended the gathering at the White House on Tuesday night.
Adeline Maria Gray of the United States (blue) lifts Qian Zhou of China (red) on the fourth night of the World Wrestling Championships at The Orleans Arena

Former US Treasury secretary Hank Paulson warns of an ‘economic iron curtain’ if the US and China can’t find a way to get along

Ex-US Treasury secretary Hank Paulson said if the US decouples from China, it could isolate itself from the region and trigger a full-blown cold war.

Trump called Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory an ‘incredible investment,’ but evidence is mounting it’s a terrible deal

Foxconn is building a giant factory complex in Wisconsin, powered in part by $4.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies.
A woman shops at a supermarket in Beijing, China, October 15, 2015.

Trump’s trade war isn’t the only thing slowing China’s economy

As the Chinese economy slows, economists say trade tensions are only part of the equation.

After backlash, Facebook pulls Trump’s controversial immigrant ad for violating its advertising policy on ‘sensational content’

While the ad can still be posted on Facebook, it's been blocked from paid distribution, Facebook said on Monday.
US President Donald Trump speaks during a 'Make America Great Again' campaign rally at McKenzie Arena, in Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 4, 2018.

‘Turn back now, because you’re not getting in:’ Trump lashes out against the caravan of Central American migrants heading north

In contrast, former President Barack Obama on Sunday said that the demonization of the group is being used as a "political stunt."

Here’s why Trump wants to shut Iran out of the oil market

Washington will reinstate sanctions against Tehran on Monday, including some that ban the purchase of Iranian oil. Here's what you need to know.