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Trump officials are quietly negotiating with the Taliban — which is now ranked the world’s deadliest terror group

The Taliban has ousted ISIS as the most dangerous terror group, pushing out ISIS for the top spot, according to the Global Terror Index.

The US and China may not sign ‘phase-one’ trade deal until 2020

China said this month it expected the US lift tariffs as part of a broader agreement on technology rules, farm purchases, and financial-sector access.
President Donald Trump holds what appears to be a prepared statement and handwritten notes after watching testimony by U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland as he speaks to reporters prior to departing for travel to Austin, Texas from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on November 20, 2019.

Trump’s written note claiming there was no quid pro quo has already become an iconic meme

The talking points quickly became a meme on Twitter, with people putting their own spin on Trump's comments.

Trump’s Syria retreat is giving ISIS ‘time and space’ to strike the West, blistering Pentagon report says

The report says that some Turkish-backed fighters had previously helped smuggle ISIS fighters, among other damning findings.

Hedge funds grow bored of Trump’s tweets after a barrage of ‘rhetoric that didn’t pan out’

"Like the perpetual drunk droning on, the regulars have stopped listening," one analyst told Business Insider.

Trump threatens to raise China tariffs if deal isn’t reached

By covering more consumer products, any further tariff increases would hit households harder than in previous rounds.

In meeting with Powell, Trump ‘protested’ against Fed policy

Both sides initially issued positive meeting readouts. But the late-night tweet more closely reflected longstanding pressure Trump has put on Powell.

These 4 Goldman Sachs charts show how hard Trump’s trade war is hitting the US and China

Goldman Sachs says the trade dispute is hitting China especially hard.

Trump met with Powell at White House following months of Fed attacks

Powell has been a near-constant target of pressure by the Trump administration, which looked into whether it could demote him last year.