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A B-52 Stratofortress returns to RAF Fairford, England, after flying a sortie over Norway, March 28, 2019.

A major US bomber deployment to Europe led to some amazing photos — and to some close encounters with Russia

US and Russian aircraft have been operating in close proximity to one another as a massive B-52 force trains alongside NATO allies in Europe.
A Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber at the MAKS-2005 international air show in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, August 16, 2005.

After a spat with the US, Russian bombers in Venezuela carried out drills over the Caribbean

The arrival of two Russian bombers in Venezuela ignited a war of words with the US, and days later the bombers drilled over the Caribbean.
A Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber.

The US and Russia are trading shots after Moscow sent 2 bombers to visit the US’ biggest foe in the hemisphere

Russia's ties to Venezuela are longstanding, but despite the arrival of two Russian bombers there, that support may have its limits.

Russia drilled for all out nuclear war — but a key element was missing

Russia frequently shows off its nuclear missiles but has suffered launch failures in the past. This kind of failure could bring embarrassment to Putin as he tries to confront the US and comes as his popularity is waning with Russians.

2 Russian Tu-160 supersonic nuclear-capable bombers drill near Alaska for the ‘first time in history’

Two Tupolev Tu-160 Russian supersonic nuclear-capable strategic bombers conducted drills in an area near Alaska "for the first time in history," demonstrating that Russia can deploy heavy bombers close to the US.