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Adobe is now officially an ad tech company

The launch of Adobe Advertising Cloud follows the company's acquisition of TubeMogul for $540 million.

The CEO of ad tech firm TubeMogul explains why he sold his company to Adobe for $540 million and what happens now

TubeMogul cofounder and CEO Brett Wilson has become Adobe's advertising business lead.

A ‘social media company’ and ‘foreign telecom company’ were interested in buying TubeMogul before Adobe swooped in with its $5...

An SEC filing reveals eight companies were interested in acquiring the video ad tech company before Adobe bought it earlier this month.

Ad tech company TubeMogul is launching an ad campaign that alleges Google has ‘conflicts of interest’ and ‘walled gardens’

The #IndependenceMatters campaign aims to show how Google "has made a conscious decision to wall itself off form the rest of the industry."

Ad tech company TubeMogul will refund advertisers every time it accidentally serves an ad to a bot

TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson said he hopes "this is a call to the rest of the industry to follow our lead."

Digital-video companies show mixed results

Digital-video companies show mixed results