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What life is like on the Syria-Turkey border, one of the world’s most tense and dangerous fault lines

Syria's brutal civil war, terror groups, millions of refugees, Turkey and the Kurds' military face-off make this border very dangerous.
Jeff Bezos' rumored superyacht was anchored in Datça, Turkey, last month, although Amazon representatives say the yacht wasn't his.

A look inside Datça, the popular tourist destination in Turkey where the $400 million yacht rumored to be owned by Jeff Bezos was spotted

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' rumored superyacht, the "Flying Fox, was spotted in Datça, Turkey. See why the tourist destination is so popular.

A photo of a $400 million yacht rumored to be owned by Jeff Bezos went viral, but Amazon says it’s not his

The 'Flying Fox' yacht, rumored to be worth $400 million and owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was spotted off the coast of Turkey in photos on Twitter.
We tried a turkey sandwich from four different places, including Trader Joe's.

We tried a sub sandwich from 4 different supermarket delis — and Wegmans was the clear winner

I tried a turkey sub sandwich from popular grocery stores including Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Wegman's, and Harris Teeter. One of these sandwiches was clearly the best sandwich of the supermarket selection.
33rd Fighter Wing F-35As taxi down the flightline at Volk Field during Northern Lightning Aug. 22, 2016.

The US is silent as Turkey starts receiving a Russian missile system that could jeopardize the F-35 stealth fighter

Turkey ignored repeated warnings and purchased the S-400. Now, the US is trying to figure out how to respond.

Turkey just gave a worrying hint of the damage a Trump-run Fed might do

Erdogan's firing of Turkey's central bank chief sent the lira tanking and the nation's stocks tumbling.
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan makes a speech during his meeting with mukhtars at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey, November 26, 2015.

Turkey’s Erdogan reportedly fired his central bank chief for refusing to slash interest rates

The comments were expected to add to concerns about monetary policy independence in the embattled economy.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, on July 2, 2019.

The last major opponent of China’s Muslim oppression has retreated into silence. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

Turkey is home to hundreds of thousands of Uighurs. Many of them already live in limbo, unable to return to China and effectively stateless.

Oil, gold, and bitcoin are jumping on Iran tensions before Trump reveals ‘major’ sanctions, while stocks are mixed

Rising US-Iran tensions and a prolonged US-China trade war have lifted commodities and cryptocurrencies.
Turkish TF-X fifth-generation fighter concept

Turkey unveils new stealth-fighter concept as the US prepares to kick its ally out of the F-35 program

The program was started to replace the aging F-16 fleet, but it may take on new urgency as the US prepares to kick Turkey out of the F-35 program.