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"One picture that says a thousand words."

Prince Harry rehearsed an important speech in front of only Meghan Markle, and fans are loving the candid photo

Hours before the 2018 Invictus Games opening ceremony, Kensington Palace's official Twitter account shared a candid picture of Prince Harry rehearsing his speech.

DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: How to wipe your personal information from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other major websites and apps

The recent hack of Facebook compromised the personal information of 30 million people. Here's how you can delete your account from the major websites and protect yourself against incidents in the future.

Twitter is shutting down bot accounts posting pro-Saudi tweets about missing dissident Khashoggi

Twitter said it could not definitively link the accounts to the Saudi government.
Erik Patterson went as a drunk clown to his friend Marvin Solomon's wedding. Everything went great.

A man was told he could only attend a wedding if he came as a drunk clown — and he delivered

Erik Patterson went to his friend Marvin Solomon's wedding as a drunk clown. He planned the stunt with Solomon five months in advance, Patterson told INSIDER. Patterson first went to the wedding in a suit, then donned the clown outfit after the ceremony. Most guests thought he was a wedding crasher.
The jacket.

Diesel put a homophobic slur on a jacket to make a statement about ‘online hate’ and people think it completely missed the mark

Diesel is selling a £350 ($458) jacket emblazoned a homophobic slur in the UK. The brand claims that the product was created in collaboration with "13 Reasons Why" actor Tommy Dorfman to combat homophobia and cyberbullying. But people are upset by it.
Memes can say 1,000 words.

A teacher uses memes to grade papers — and people think it’s a clever way to boost classroom morale

On Wednesday, Ainee Fatima, a 27-year-old English and media studies teacher based out of Franklin Park, Illinois, shared a video of herself using her meme stickers to grade exams on Twitter — and people loved it. In just over a day, her post went viral.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter just released more than 10 million tweets linked to state-sponsored troll accounts

Twitter has released huge swaths of data linked to foreign influence and misinformation campaigns ahead of the midterm elections.

People are sharing photos proving that you can be ‘disabled and happy’ — and the internet is loving it

Writer Andrew Farkash created the hashtag #Disabledjoy to fight the misconception that people with disabilities can't also be happy.

Twitter sent out weird, cryptic messages to users and nobody had any idea what they meant

Twitter users started getting weird notifications from the app on Tuesday afternoon. Users had no idea what to make of the messages, so they took to Twitter to share their confusion. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the company is aware of the problem and is looking into it.

A Melania Trump spokesperson wants people to ‘boycott’ T.I. because the rapper used a first lady look-alike in a music video

A Melania Trump spokesperson is calling for a boycott of T.I. over a video that musician posted on Friday."Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye," he captioned the video. In the Twitter post, a Trump look-alike is shown stripping in the Oval Office wearing a jacket that says "I really don't care, do you?"