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Penny Marshall died at the age of 75.

Celebrities mourn the death of beloved actress and director Penny Marshall

News of her death triggered an outpouring of mourning from celebrities who worked with her and adored her.

People are tweeting photos of cats hiding in Christmas trees, making for some IRL brainteasers. Can you spot them all?

Twitter users are sharing photos of the hottest new cat hangout — their Christmas trees. Can you find them all?
US President Donald Trump talks to reporters prior to boarding Marine One as he departs the White House in Washington, DC on December 8, 2018. - US President Donald Trump on Saturday announced his chief of staff John Kelly would be leaving the administration at the end of the year -- the latest in a series of moves by the Republican leader to change his inner circle of aides.

9 times Trump or his top officials threatened to attack or nuke other countries in 2018

One of his ambassadors admitted to using Trump's "unpredictable" nature as leverage in deliberations.

‘We made a spiritual pact’: Azealia Banks reveals her side of the story behind the amulet she reportedly made with Jack Dorsey’s bea...

"I made a pact on his behalf and he left me hanging," rapper Azealia Banks said on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. "He will pay for that."
US President Donald Trump.

Trump rages at Twitter with baseless claim that it is tampering with his followers because of political bias

Twitter has purged suspicious accounts, but there is no evidence that President Donald Trump has been targeted for political reasons.

UPS deleted a viral tweet about shredding children’s letters to Santa Claus

UPS deleted a viral tweet about shredding letters addressed to Santa Claus.

A new report found that Russia’s disinformation operation in the US picked up speed even after it was caught by Mueller

The Internet Research Agency's influence operations didn't stop after it was caught. On the contrary, the troll farm saw a spike in engagement rates.
Colin Kroll.

HQ Trivia and Vine cofounder Colin Kroll was a talented but tough boss who had a history of clashes with staff

Complaints were reportedly made about Colin Kroll's behavior at HQ and Vine, while he also apologized this year for 'poor management.'
An image of Russian president Vladimir Putin is seen through a Twitter logo in this photo illustration on December 4, 2017.

New report is said to show where Russia prevailed and failed in its mission to elect Trump and divide a nation

A new Senate report details Russia's use of platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to meddle in the 2016 election, The Washington Post reported.
Colin Kroll.

Tech community reacts to death of HQ trivia and Vine founder Colin Kroll

HQ trivia and Vine founder Colin Kroll was found dead in his New York apartment this weekend. The tech community is paying its respects.