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Alphabet is reportedly considering investing $1 billion in Lyft

The potential investment is reportedly being driven by top executives at Google's parent company.

Here are the texts between Uber’s Travis Kalanick and the fired engineer at the heart of the Waymo lawsuit

The newly released texts mention the pair's plans for Uber's self-driving car division, their thoughts on Elon Musk, and even Apple CEO Tim Cook.

With its CEO out, the most exciting tech Uber’s engineers are working on could be thrown into more turmoil

Uber's self driving car program is a believed to be "a disaster, far behind the rival from Google, Waymo. Uber's new CEO may have to rethink it.

Two of the biggest questions hanging over Uber’s legal fight with Google are ‘likely’ be decided this week

We'll learn soon whether Uber has to put a stop to its self-driving car research or whether the case will go dark instead.

Uber is expanding its self-driving-car research outside the US for the first time

Uber is opening a new Advanced Technologies Group office in Toronto and hiring away experts from the University of Toronto.

Google just accused Uber of creating a fake, shell company with its former engineer to steal its tech

Waymo, the Google self-driving-car spinout, dropped a bombshell claim in court on Wednesday.

Uber’s self-driving car boss, Anthony Levandowski, is stepping aside amid legal fight with Waymo

Anthony Levandowski will no longer be head of Uber's Advanced Technologies GRoup.

Uber’s self-driving cars are coming back to San Francisco, but they won’t be driving themselves

Uber is putting its map cars back out onto the streets of San Francisco, but they won't be able to drive themselves.