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Jump appears to be gearing up for expansion.

Uber’s bike and scooter company appears to be expanding around the world ahead of its IPO

Jump is hiring in London, Amsterdam, Miami, and more. Earlier this month, its CEO told Business Insider to expect "a massive ramp-up in scale" soon.
Uber is reportedly in talks to buy British startup Deliveroo.

The $2 billion food delivery firm coveted by Uber just opened its first brick-and-mortar restaurant

The 'Deliveroo Food Market' will cater both to online orders and in-store customers.

The 10 startups in the US whose valuations are set to increase the most, according to over 500 founders

Over 500 startup founders were asked in a recent survey which private company they predict will increase its valuation the most over the next decade.

Lyft is quickly catching up to Uber in the US as the ride-hailing companies race to go public

App install data from Sensor Tower shows more people are downloading Lyft than Uber in recent months

Uber has reportedly selected Morgan Stanley to lead its IPO

Morgan Stanley is leading the ride-hailing giant's massive public offering, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.
Uber suffered an outage on Monday evening.

Uber customers and drivers are furious after a major outage causes all kinds of issues

"I should not be forced to work harder for an incentive or quest just because of your outage," said one driver.
Uber drivers protest fare cuts in February, and go on strike in front of the car service's New York offices

12,000 Uber drivers say the company is refusing to honor the arbitration clause in its terms and conditions

Uber drivers are considered contractors, not employees, and the company's arbitration policies often keep them from taking the ride-hail giant to court.

Uber has confidentially filed to go public

Uber is racing against rival Lyft to be the first to go public in 2019.
Lyft CEO Logan Green announced a deal Wednesday with Magna to develop self-driving car technology.

Lyft officially files paperwork for an IPO

Lyft, the main ride-hailing competitor to Uber, has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public, it announced Thursday.
Lyft co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer

Lyft has a ‘clear early-mover advantage’ in beating Uber to an IPO

"No one knows the exact economics of it," an analyst at a pre-IPO merchant bank told Business Insider — but Lyft could be closer to turning a profit.