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The Under Armour logo in a New York City store.

How Under Armour went from a new hotshot sportswear company taking on Nike to a brand with a wholly uncertain future

With shares plummeting following a drop in sales, Under Armour is in another rough patch. We traced the rise of fall of the once-dominant brand.
Vivobarefoot shoes are made with algae-based foam.

Here’s what the ‘sneaker of the future’ will be like, according to a streetwear expert

We talked with Jeff Staple to hear his thoughts on the sneaker of the future. Here's what he foresees in the next decade.

Under Armour plummets after saying North American sales will fall this year

Under Armour has struggled to keep up with other sports retailers in the US, lagging Lululemon and Nike even as athleisure becomes more popular.
Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank is defending Baltimore.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank snaps back at Trump’s tweets calling Baltimore a ‘rodent infested mess’

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank is defending Baltimore after President Donald Trump called the city a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess."

We visited Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour to see which store does athletic-wear the best — the winner shocked us

Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour all offer something different in terms of athletic-wear. But who does it best? We visited all three and found a victor.
Gary Woodland wears Puma now, but he used to be one of Under Armour's top golfers.

US Open champion Gary Woodland once took his pants off to hit a shot and learned a funny lesson about product endorsement

Gary Woodland forgot to tuck his shirt in and Under Armour missed a huge opportunity.

Stephen Curry will only wear shoes that are loud and pass ‘the squeak test’

"If he’s not hearing 'squeak' as soon as he steps on the court, it’s not good enough."
A woman holds a Nike shoe in Vancouver, Canada, in June 2015.

Nike, Adidas, and more than 170 other shoe companies warned of the trade war’s ‘catastrophic’ impact on Americans in a scathing lett...

Converse, Under Armour, Foot Locker, Steve Madden and other shoe giants signed the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America's letter to Trump.

Under Armour jumps as turnaround plan shows signs of working

Under Armour pops on earnings beat. The company's overhaul appears to be paying off.

Rich teens are ditching these 15 brands

Wealthy teens identified Under Armour, Nike, and Justice as being among the top brands that they have stopped wearing, according to a new survey.