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Gary Woodland led the PGA Championship after two rounds.

The leader of the PGA Championship once took his pants off to hit a shot and learned a funny lesson about product endorsement

Gary Woodland forgot to tuck his shirt in and Under Armour missed a huge opportunity.
The Under Armour Hovr Phantom.

A massive shift in American fashion is causing a $1.3 billion problem for Under Armour

Under Armour is still sitting on $1.3 billion worth of unsold inventory, but it said it is making progress in clearing it by selling products in discount stores.
Under Armour is facing an identity crisis.

Under Armour is facing an identity crisis that could throw the company’s turnaround into a tailspin

Shoppers are confused about what Under Armour stands for due to its lack of focus on any particular sport, and its decision to expand into discount stores like Kohl's undermines the brand's value proposition, according to analysts.
Boxer Carlos Balderas poses for a portrait at the U.S. Olympic Committee Media Summit in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

Under Armour beats as North American sales climb for the first time in a year

Under Armour edged out Wall Street estimates on both the top and bottom lines as North American sales climb for the first time in a year.
The motto on top of the headphones reads "Blood. Sweat. Respect."

I tried Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s new $250 wireless workout headphones — and they’re my new favorites

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new $250 wireless headphones are designed to be the perfect workout headphones: they're comfortable, breathable, and don't slip off while you're exercising. But they're also great everyday headphones for listening to music, commuting, and making phone calls.

Dwayne Johnson teamed up with Under Armour and JBL to make wireless headphones that won’t fall off when you work out — here’s what t...

Dwayne Johnson collaborated with Under Armour and JBL to create wireless headphones designed for high-intensity workouts. The Project Rock headphones get 16 hours of battery life and are specially tuned to heavy bass.
Interns get 50% off Under Armour gear.

Inside Under Armour’s exclusive internship program, which is harder to get into than Harvard

Under Armour hosts a competitive internship program with a limited number of openings every summer. Business Insider spoke to two Under Armour employees, who said that interns get access to company execs and receive 50% off store gear.
A concert for the launch of Under Armour's Hovr shoe.

Angry shareholders rail against Under Armour for being uncool

At Under Armour's annual shareholders' conference, the audience asked company executives what they are doing to improve the company's reputation, especially with younger consumers and women.
While Under Armour has diversified its marketing campaigns, the stores and merchandise fall short.

We shopped at Under Armour and saw why it’s still struggling to win over women

Under Armour has been trying for years to better serve the women's apparel market. When we visited one of its stores, we found that despite its best efforts, the brand is still falling short in its attempts to be more gender-inclusive.
NBA star and Under Armour sponsored athlete Steph Curry.

Under Armour is giving away free sneakers by copying a popular app — here’s how to get them

Under Armour is taking a page from HQ Trivia to give away Curry 5 sneakers, NBA playoff tickets, and $10,000 in Under Armour gift cards.