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An undocumented woman who worked at one of Trump’s golf resorts will be in the audience during his State of the Union address

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, a Democrat from New Jersey, invited Victorina Morales to be her guest at President Trump's State of the Union address
President Donald Trump leaves the US Women's Open Championship at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey on July 16, 2017.

An unauthorized immigrant who makes Trump’s bed at his Bedminster golf resort says ‘we are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he tal...

A woman who has worked as a housekeeper for President Donald Trump for years says she's not the only unauthorized immigrant who works for him.
Fox News host Martha MacCallum and veteran commentator Geraldo Rivera

‘This is a murder story, not an immigration story’: Longtime Fox News commentator lashes out at network for Mollie Tibbetts coverage

The veteran Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera lashed out at his own network on Thursday, arguing that Fox is perpetuating damaging stereotypes of undocumented immigrants through its coverage of the death of a 20-year-old Iowa woman.

‘How is this not child abuse?’: Homeland Security secretary gets mercilessly grilled over family separation policy in heated press briefin...

While attempting to justify the Trump administration's policy on family separations on Monday, Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen called the US a "country of compassion." She offered little explanation for the manner in which children are being taken away from their parents at the border.

The Trump administration is going after ACLU lawyers in the Supreme Court after the Jane Doe abortion case

The Trump administration filed a petition to the Supreme Court accusing Jane Doe's attorneys of misleading the government over the procedure's timing.

The undocumented teen in Texas who was fighting the Trump administration for an abortion was finally allowed to have one — here’s what she...

An undocumented 17-year-old in Texas, known as Jane Doe, was allowed to have an abortion Wednesday after a lengthy legal battle with the Trump administration.

Motel 6 locations suspected of tipping off ICE agents of undocumented immigrants in Arizona

ICE has made at least 20 arrests at two Motel 6 franchises in Phoenix since February.

‘Preposterous and insulting’: Cardinal fires back at Steve Bannon’s criticisms of the Catholic Church

"That's insulting and that's just so ridiculous that it doesn't merit a comment."

Harvard student protected by DACA: ‘Everything I’ve been working for could be erased in a second’

The Trump administration on Tuesday announced the end of the DACA program, an action that could affect the roughly 800,000 protected young people.

Texas governor signs controversial bill targeting ‘sanctuary cities’ in the state

Some officials say the new law will "strain the relationship between local law enforcement and these diverse communities."