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65% of all startup funding in SEA goes to Singapore: 2019 Google report

Singapore also has the highest number of potential unicorns.

The IPO market is rebelling against many of 2019’s money-losing unicorns. Here’s what’s scaring investors away — and what it m...

No matter the path to public markets, the biggest startups of 2019 are seeing greater investor scrutiny and poor performance in the stock market.

Singapore’s newest unicorn is a tech firm founded in Israel: here’s why shops and supermarkets like it

It now joins the ranks of Singapore's other unicorns like Razer, Sea, and Lazada.

The race to $1 billion — how startups Glossier, Casper, Rent the Runway, and Away became retail unicorns

The year's only half over, but if these four startups are any indication, there's much to look forward to for the future of the retail industry.

The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, who started Theranos when she was 19 and became the world’s youngest female billionaire before it all cam...

Elizabeth Holmes started Theranos at age 19 and became the world's youngest female billionaire. But 15 years later, she was charged with massive fraud.

Cloudera, a record-breaking startup, is finally getting ready for its IPO

After years of speculation on when it would go public, the big-data startup Cloudera announced plans to raise $200 million in an initial public offering.

Here are the colleges that have produced the most founders of billion-dollar startups

If you want to want to create a billion dollar start-up, consider attending Stanford University.

The first big tech IPO of 2017 is already showing a worrisome sign

AppDynamics will IPO below its last private valuation of $1.9 billion.