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Nike vows to change NBA jerseys after several star players suffer uniform malfunctions

LeBron James and Ben Simmons are among the big names who have seen their jerseys fall apart on them this season.

Here are the new Nike uniforms for all 30 NBA teams

Nike will be the NBA's official supplier of apparel for the first time this season, taking over the role previously held by Adidas

Here are the new Adidas uniforms for all 31 NHL teams

The NHL has unveiled the new Adidas uniforms for all 31 teams, including the expansion Vegas Golden Knights.

Nike quietly got rid of a contentious NBA uniform feature — sleeves

NBA teams will not have any sleeved jerseys for the 2017-18 season.

Here are all the new college football uniforms and helmets

It has become common — almost trendy — for college football teams to routinely shake up their on-field look.

Here are the new bright colored MLB uniforms that will include player nicknames for all 30 teams

MLB and the MLB Players' Association have announced that all teams will wear special bright colored uniforms for the first-ever "Players Weekend" August 25-27.