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Approximately 40% of United's first two freight-only-flight carried medical supplies.

CEO of bailed-out United Airlines thanks America for ‘vital public assistance’ and pledges aircraft to deliver medical supplies throughout...

United CEO Oscar Munoz pledged several cargo flights to deliver critical medical supplies in the US and abroad at least 40 times per week.

Airline employees are safe from being laid off for now, but United warns that job cuts may be on the horizon if the coronavirus pandemic rages on for ...

"If the recovery is as slow as we fear, it means our airline and our workforce will have to be smaller than it is today," United's CEO said.
American Airlines aircraft line a closed runway in Tulsa.

Delta, American, and other airlines are parking planes on closed runways at major airports as carriers struggle to store grounded airliners

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, normally the busiest airport in the US, closed an entire runway to store Delta Air Lines aircraft.

Major airline stocks are surging on hopes that a coronavirus relief package is coming soon

Airline stocks are recouping some of their steep losses in recent weeks as travel has slowed amid the coronavirus pandemic.
United Airlines and Delta Air Lines planes at Los Angeles International Airport.

The past 2 decades saw the number of major airlines in the US cut in half. See how consolidation in the 2000s left customers with fewer options as pro...

The airline sector has evolved from a diverse industry of numerous small carriers to a handful of dominant carriers, reducing consumer options.

United says it could lay off more than half of its employees if it doesn’t get help from the government as the coronavirus ravages the worldR...

The airline said that it would "begin to take the necessary steps to reduce our payroll" 60% if there a bailout isn't finalized by the end of March.
President Donald Trump.

Trump says he’d be OK with a bailout that prevents companies from using cash on share buybacks — and claims he was ‘never happy̵...

"It takes many many people in this case to tango, but as far as I'm concerned conditions like that would be okay with me," President Trump said.

The Trump administration needs to form an aviation task force immediately to rescue the airlines and Boeing from the coronavirus collapse

During the financial crisis, the Obama administration formed an Auto Task Force to manage the orderly reorganization of General Motors and Chrysler.

United Airlines execs wrote a grim letter to employees warning the coronavirus crisis will devastate summer travel and affect worker paychecks

United Airlines' CEO and president wrote in a letter to employees that they expect demand will decrease into the summer with planes going unfilled.

Delta, American, and other airline workers say coronavirus travel bans and plummeting demand has them worried they’ll lose their jobs, just as C...

For veteran airline workers who made it through the furloughs and layoffs after 9/11, the coronavirus situation is eerily familiar.