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A US Army sergeant salutes as a World War II veteran is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

UN chief calls for immediate ‘global ceasefire’ to fight coronavirus, calls pandemic the ‘common enemy’

"Pull back from hostilities. Put aside mistrust and animosity. Silence the guns, stop the artillery, end the airstrikes," the United Nations said.
Young adults take a selfie in Tempere, Finland.

The UN named Finland the world’s happiest country for the third year in a row, and the country could be better equipped to handle coronavirus th...

High-trust societies like Finland may be better equipped to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, according to the 2020 UN World Happiness Report.

The 15 fastest-growing cities in the world

According to UN population estimates, the fastest-growing cities in the world are all located in Africa.
Rohingya refugees queue for aid.

Myanmar has been ordered to protect Rohingya Muslims from genocide, following an estimated 10,000 deaths

After 40 years of persecution, Rohingya Muslims celebrate a UN court decision to order Myanmar to protect the minority group from genocide.

‘This is cheap s—! Who told you to buy this?’: Trump went apoplectic against a hotel executive for installing cheap marble that he c...

In the 1980s, Donald Trump threw a fit for choosing green Chinese marble for a bathroom's decor, rather than a more expensive Italian verde.
A composite image showing Nasir-ol-Molk mosque, Persepolis, and the Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque — some of Iran's most important cultural sites.

Trump threatened a possible war crime by targeting Iran’s cultural sites. Here are some of the stunning locations that might be at risk.

Iran is home to centuries-old tombs, monuments, mosques, and other stunning sites, some of which are considered world heritage sites.
President Donald Trump made a speech to evangelical supporters in Miami on Friday.

Trump doubled down on his threat to target cultural sites in Iran — an act that could be considered a war crime

President Donald Trump has threatened to target Iranian cultural sites if Iran retaliates for the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Trump said ‘Iranian culture’ sites could become military targets, but that could constitute a war crime

President Donald Trump on Saturday issued new threats at Iran, including one that could amount to a war crime if carried out.
Climate change activist Greta Thunberg attends a news conference during COP25 climate summit in Madrid

The latest UN climate conference by the numbers: $100 million, 27,000 attendees, 1 prominent Swedish teenager, and 0 tangible outcomes

After weeks of climate change talks, this year's annual UN conference on the topic has yielded no tangible outcomes — despite its hefty price tag.

Singapore is 3rd most prepared in the world to take advantage of the online shopping boom: UN Index

About 1.3 billion people - or one quarter of the world's population - shopped online in 2017, a 12 per cent increase from 2016.