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United Airlines’ strong financial performance demonstrates how US airlines are overcoming issues caused by severe weather and the 737 Max ground...

The airline announced a strong second quarter during its earnings call on Wednesday, despite "headwinds" that have presented challenges this year.
A United Airlines aircraft.

A United flight was ruined by plague of ants that crawled from a passenger’s luggage

Apparently, on Monday a swarm of ants crawled out of a passenger's carry-on bag  and caused quite the commotion on a United Airlines flight

You can get up to 60,000 United miles by opening the airline’s credit card, but the offer ends this week

You can earn up to 60,000 United miles for flights in economy, flights in Polaris business class, or even trips on Star Alliance partner airlines.
He's got it!

A pilot bought 70 hamburgers to feed hungry passengers after a flight was delayed

The pilot bought everyone a customized burger to munch on while they waited for the flight to leave from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day on flights to Shanghai, according to a confidential United sign

Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day from San Francisco to Shanghai, spending over $150 million a year on United Airlines.

Google Assistant now helps you check-in to airline flights so you can stop frantically searching for your confirmation number

Google announced a number of Google Assistant updates on Tuesday for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that's taking place this week.
"You could give me a million dollars, and it wouldn't be better than one day here," our flight attendant says.

A day in the life of a United Airlines flight attendant, who woke up before 3 a.m. and ran circles around me for 9 hours

From the first moments of an early-morning wake-up to landing after a six-hour trip, here's everything one United Airlines flight attendant does in a day.
A service dog on a plane.

Emotional-support animals are becoming a big problem on planes, and airlines want them to go away

The number of emotional-support animals on US airliners increased by 74% from 2016 to 2017. Much of this growth can be attributed to fraudulent behavior by people who pass off their family pets as support animals.

United passenger forced to put puppy in overhead bin where it died reaches settlement with airline

United Airlines has settled with the family whose French bulldog died in the overhead bin on one of the airline's flights, TMZ first reported. The terms of the settlement are unclear.
United mistakenly sent an unfinished draft of an email encouraging flight attendants to pay more attention to their attire.

United accidentally sent an unfinished draft of an email scolding flight attendants for not dressing properly

United Airlines criticized the attire and personal grooming decisions made by flight attendants in an email it mistakenly sent to employees, Skift first reported.