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We Company CEO Adam Neumann.

The 26 most valuable private tech companies in the US

Tech companies are continuing to garner major venture capital investment in 2019. Here are the 26 most valuable VC-backed startups in the US.
Notre-Dame Cathedral in 2014's "Assassin's Creed Unity" video game.

The stunningly detailed re-creation of Notre-Dame Cathedral in an ‘Assassin’s Creed’ game could help with the rebuilding efforts. He...

"Assassin's Creed Unity," a 2014 video game, contains an accurate depiction of Notre-Dame Cathedral. See for yourself in this video tour!

Unity Technologies, the gaming startup worth more than $3 billion, is reportedly planning to go public in 2020

A new report suggests that Unity Technologies is planning to go public in the first half of 2020 if the market is stable.
Improbable CEO Herman Narula and CTO Rob Whitehead.

Buzzy $2 billion gaming startup Improbable has been dealt a major blow thanks to a weird fight with Unity

Improbable has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for SpatialOS, its cloud gaming platform, from investors including SoftBank.

Why EA’s former boss believes the 3D tech that powers video games will make way more money outside of gaming

Unity CEO John Riccitiello believes 3D gaming engines have a massive business opportunity in the real world.
John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, which is looking for a new chief financial officer.

One of the most important startups in video games just lost its CFO — right after raising $145 million in new funds

Unity, which has raised $601.5 million and whose tools were used to make "Pokémon Go," is searching for a replacement for former CFO Mike Foley.

In the days after his statement calling for unity, Trump has been bashing anyone who criticizes him

Following his speech calling for unity after the weekend's violent white-supremacist rally, President Donald Trump has resumed attacking his critics.

Facebook is taking on an entirely new frontier: video games

Facebook's going after the 800-lb. gorilla in video games.