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‘A godsend to my old industry’: A former insurance executive says Pete Buttigieg’s healthcare plan would keep huge profits for insur...

"They'd be happy as clams on the Pete Buttigieg health plan," Wendell Potter said, adding it wouldn't change much in a system that maximizes profits.

‘I owe the American people an apology’: A former healthcare executive says he’s sorry for devising the biggest argument against Medi...

Wendell Potter, a leading healthcare advocate, says he regrets crafting the talking point used against reform: the element of choice in the system.
Democratic presidential candidate, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) talks about the cost of insulin in the USA versus Canada as he joins a group of people with diabetes on a trip to Canada for affordable Insulin on July 28, 2019 in Windsor, Canada

What I learned as a Canadian reporting on healthcare in America — and what Americans can learn from Canada

All Canadians have public health insurance. But private insurance exists in Canada and healthcare isn't free.

Bernie Sanders says he doesn’t intend to release a funding plan for Medicare for All any time soon

Sanders said in a CNBC interview that "I don't think I have to" release details specifying how universal healthcare coverage would be paid for.
Americans still need to pay for healthcare and college.

6 things other governments provide that Americans still have to pay for

The American government doesn't cover everything other governments do — but that doesn't mean those benefits are completely free in other countries.
President Donald Trump departs the White House en route to the Customs and Border Protection National Targeting Center

Trump blasts Democrats for pushing universal healthcare, which he calls ‘really bad’

"The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working."