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PHOTOS: I saw a prototype of Singapore’s first air taxi planned for 2024 – and it looks like something straight out of the future

MRT breakdown and traffic jam getting to you? You may soon be able to fly to your next appointment via air taxi.

Uber and Blade have a new helicopter competitor in the United States — and it’s backed by one of the world’s largest aerospace compa...

Airbus' Voom will provide helicopter flights around the San Francisco Bay area for prices that are competitive with Uber and Blade.

Volocopter has created an autonomous flying taxi you can hail with your smartphone

Volocopter is backed by Daimler and Geely. It made its official urban flight debut at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 14.

Uber’s first air-travel market outside of the United States will be Melbourne, Australia

Australia will join Los Angeles and Dallas as the first pilot cities for its urban air-mobility offerings, the company said at a conference Tuesday.

See inside Uber’s first passenger drone, which could eventually fly passengers at 150 mph while burning no fossil fuels

Uber showed off the latest in its vision for the future of air travel at a conference in Washington, DC, this week.

Uber’s first passenger drone is a helicopter-plane hybrid that can carry passengers across cities at 150 mph

A full-scale model of the aircraft was unveiled Tuesday at Uber's Elevate conference in Washington, DC.