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We need ‘a lot more help from President Trump’ to prevent a global recession, says Moody’s chief economist

Mark Zandi said the economy needs "him not to pursue this trade war and certainly not escalate the war." If more goes wrong, we'll see recession, he said.

China threatens retaliation after the US House passed a bill supporting Hong Kong protesters

If the bill passes, it will "damage Sino-US relations, and it will seriously damage the interests of the United States," China said.

There’s a more than 25% risk of a US recession in the next year, Bloomberg Economics says

The model uses "a range of data spanning economic conditions, financial markets and gauges of underlying stress."

China is reportedly weighing a currency pact in return for tariff suspensions as US trade talks kick off

All eyes are on the trade war as talks begin on Thursday and Friday, but could go on longer, depending on how they go.

Singapore just beat out the US as the world’s most competitive economy again – here are the 3 areas it shone in

Singapore scored full marks on the pillar for health, which is an assessment of health-adjusted life expectancy.

Stocks are rallying on a report that China is offering to buy more American agricultural goods to ease the trade war

Chinese officials are set to meet their US counterparts on Thursday, in the hope of a partial trade deal being reached.
American competitiveness was hurt by trade and geopolitical tensions, the WEF said.

Trump’s trade war means America lost the top spot as the world’s most competitive country

Singapore swooped in to take the No. 1 slot, according to a 666-page report from the World Economic Forum, which cited trade and geopolitical tensions.

China has bought more than 100 tons of gold as a buffer against Trump’s trade war

"It's a reflection of the trade war and uncertainty this has created among the Chinese authorities — they need to hedge their risks."
The WTO gave Trump a huge win this week, after its record ruling on tariffs.

The EU signaled it won’t retaliate after Trump said he’d slap Europe with $7.5 billion in tariffs

The EU says negotiation is a "preferred approach," the Wall Street Journal reported. It's a sign Europe wants to avoid a full-blown trade war with the US.

Robots are shrinking American paychecks

A Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco study found that automation has played a major part in declining incomes.