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Chicago's Millennium Park is a short walk for people who live in The Loop.

The mayors of 2 major US cities blame 2 big factors for Americans’ low wages

The mayors of Chicago, Illinois and Newark, New Jersey say that inequality and a lack of reliable public transit are the two biggest factors in the US economy's slow growth. Approximately 80% of the nation's GDP comes from urban areas.
Silicon Valley's San Jose is the hottest housing market in America, according to real estate site Redfin.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s economy is ‘defying gravity’ — and it reveals how powerful the tech industry has become

In our analysis of economies in the biggest US metropolitan areas, cities in the San Francisco Bay Area came out on top. And the findings suggest that the region around Silicon Valley holds a big chunk of the country's wealth.

One of Wall Street’s most followed forecasts for the US economy is looking worse and worse

President Donald Trump has touted 3% growth for his administration.
Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark.

Emirates boss warns that American, Delta, and United are trying to open Pandora’s box and the US economy will be the loser

Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark said his airline has nothing to hide from his US rivals who accuse him of accepting government subsidies.

The US economy isn’t quite as strong as it looks

A few things suggest the economy isn't as strong as the 3% print.
Gallery workers next to "Teoria" by Eduardo Basualdo at the Frame Gallery's stand at the Frieze Art Fair in central London in 2013.

Americans have more debt than ever — and it’s creating an economic trap

A new International Monetary Fund report finds that high levels of household debt can deepen recessions. US households are more indebted than ever.

Russia is becoming more like America in a way that could be deeply divisive

ANALYSIS: A country that presented a radical experiment in forced income equality under the Soviet Union, albeit with special treatment for Communist Party leaders, is now approaching American-style income and wealth gaps.

Here’s how we ranked the economies of America’s biggest cities

The sources and method we used to rank the economies of America's biggest metropolitan areas.

A damning new IMF report pours cold water on the entire Trump agenda

The IMF is now giving the United States the sort of social-policy advice it once reserved for emerging-market economies.

Washington Post/ABC poll: Nearly 60% of registered US voters oppose Trump’s decision to leave the Paris agreement

Only 8% of Democrats supporting leaving the Paris agreement, while 82% oppose leaving.