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This new Defense Department map shows how China says one thing and does another with its military operations at sea

China has made sweeping and debunked claims over the water and land in the South China Sea, but its military operations abroad reflect a double standard, and other countries are pushing back.
The amphibious assault ship USS Bataan on the Strait of Hormuz, October 29, 2011.

The US Navy faces ‘a huge liability’ in countering one of Iran’s favorite and most dangerous weapons

Iran's naval forces are no match for the US Navy and its partners, but Tehran often relies on asymmetric tactics, and one weapon it could bring to bear in the Persian Gulf may present a particular challenge for the Navy.

75 years ago, US troops threw the Japanese off North American soil in a frigid, ‘forgotten’ World War II battle

The fighting on the frigid and windswept Attu Island was the only battle in North American during World War II, and even though the brutal fighting has faded from the collective memory, the US troops who were there remember it all too vividly.
Two MV-22 Ospreys fly over the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush. August 9, 2018.

The new aircraft the US Navy needs to cover its ‘golden mile’ just took another major step forward

The Navy plans to swap out its current C-2A Greyhound cargo aircraft for new tilt-rotor Ospreys. In the Atlantic this month, those new aircraft hit a major milestone on their way to resupplying the Navy's flat tops.

China threatens foreign ships and planes ‘daily’ in the South China Sea, but no one is yielding any ground

China threatens foreign ships and planes in the South China Sea on a 'daily basis,' according to members of the Philippine military. The US Navy called the warnings "routine." Despite Chinese hostility, none of the parties involved are backing down or yielding any ground in the disputed waterway.
US Navy P-8A Poseidon

‘Keep out!’: China sent 6 warnings to a US Navy plane, but the US didn’t back down

Chinese forces deployed to the hotly-contested South China Sea ordered a US Navy reconnaissance aircraft to "leave immediately" six times Friday, but the pilot stayed the course, refusing to back down.

Photos show the Battle of Savo Island, a brutal US Navy defeat that stranded thousands of Marines on Guadalcanal

The Allies would end up losing four heavy cruisers and suffered more than 1,000 casualties.
A photo illustration of the future USS Columbia (SSBN 826).

Small errors could create a big problem for the Navy’s next ballistic missile submarine

The Navy needs to start building its new Columbia-class submarines by 2021 in order have them patrolling the world with nuclear weapons by 2031. Given the complexity of the program, however, a minor problem could have a big effect on that timeline.

Russia upgraded a nuclear bomber — and its missiles are a nightmare for US Navy aircraft carriers

The upgraded Tu-22M3M focuses on modernizing the avionics, communications, and controls on the Cold War era bomber. But the Tu-22M3M's integration with some of Russia's deadlier missiles, and role as a nuclear-capable maritime strike jet pose a serious challenge.
he Virginia-class USS North Dakota (SSN 784) submarine is seen during bravo sea trials

‘We shall not fail!’ — The US Navy’s new submarine fleet commander vows to take on Russia and China

The new commander of all US submarines warns that the US is locked in "major power competition" with countries like China and Russia, but stresses that the US will maintain its dominance beneath the waves and emerge victorious.