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This November 15, 2011 photo shows vehicles as they drive by the US Treasury Building in Washington, DC.

The US Treasury reopens its 20-year bond to help fund $3 trillion in 2nd-quarter borrowing

The department will offer the 20-year bond for the first time since 1986 and increase other sales to fund the government's swelling deficit.

California becomes the first state to borrow cash from the federal government to pay out unemployment benefits

Illinois and Connecticut are set to follow suit. The coronavirus pandemic has placed huge strains on state unemployment systems.
A USPS employee in Washington, DC, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump confirms that he is considering using an emergency loan to exert more control of the cash-strapped US Postal Service

Trump confirmed Washington Post reporting that he wants to require the Postal Service to charge higher rates on its package delivery services.

The entire US yield curve plunged below 1% for the first time ever. Here’s why that’s a big red flag for investors.

"It signals the market is worried about a global recession and aggressive monetary easing by the Fed."

The 10-year US Treasury yield falls to record low as coronavirus sends investors fleeing to safety

Both bond and oil markets "continue to flash warning signals about the economy's strength," economist Ed Yardeni wrote.

The market’s favorite recession signal is flashing red again as coronavirus fears rage

The warning sign is typically driven by investors rushing to longer-maturity bonds as a safe haven from market volatility and economic slowdown.
A Bombardier Learjet 45 in which the US government says Venezuela's PDVSA has an interest.

The US is going after Venezuela over aircraft it says endangered US military planes

The US blocked planes owned by Venezuela's state oil firm on Tuesday, several of which it said were involved in unsafe encounters with US aircraft.
A Federal Reserve police officer keeps watch while posted outside the Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington September 16, 2015.

The Fed’s payments to the Treasury hit a decade low in 2019 as the repo crisis raged

The Fed's market repurchase agreement, or repo, operations drove costs higher as the bank added billions of dollars to the US financial system.

The US is seriously considering issuing ultra-long bonds of up to 100 years — but Wall Street might not have the appetite for them

One of the biggest risks of investing in ultra-long-term bonds is that demand can become very volatile as the economy fluctuates.

Gold and Treasuries surge as the escalating trade war sends investors fleeing from the stock market

The movement in bonds versus equity markets Friday was "a confirmation of all the recent trends," said Bill Adams of MFS Investment Management.