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The USS America, (LHA 6), houses 12 F35-B Lightning II aircraft off the coast of California, November 18, 2016.

The US Navy is sending its most powerful assault ship to the Pacific

The USS America, which carries F-35B stealth jets and helicopters, is headed to the Pacific to give US forces in the region a boost in firepower.

Navy to christen the USS Tripoli — a ship that will pack helicopters, F-35s, and thousands of Marines

Once it hits the fleet around 2018, the Tripoli will join the USS America (LHA-6) on the high seas.

The Marine Corps wants small, agile ‘Lightning carriers’ with 20 F-35s to tackle China’s ‘carrier killers’

Marines call for "Lightning carriers," or an amphibious assault ship of 20 F-35Bs and an "embarked, organic aerial refueling capability" to extend their range.

US Marine Corps video shows ‘the most powerful concentration of combat power ever put to sea’

The USS America produced "the most powerful concentration of combat power ever put to sea in the history of the world," according to one F-35 test pilot.

The F-35 and the US’s newest carrier are getting ready to dominate the seas

"As we all know, we can't choose the battle and the location of the battle, so sometimes we have to go into rough seas with heavy swells."