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Bill Gates says investing in cancer therapies could ‘control all infectious disease’

Together with his wife Melinda, the couple has invested billions in companies over the past decade to develop such therapies.

9 dangerous diseases that could be prevented by vaccines within the next decade, from HIV to cancer

Vaccines prime the body's immune system to fight an infection. Researchers are finding ways to use vaccines to tackle diseases like cancer and drug addiction.
An FDA laboratory worker injects an influenza virus into an egg, where it will grow before being harvested.

This year’s flu shot is not as effective against one of the nastiest strains — but you should still get it

The flu vaccine will still protect against H1N1, but it could be a tough season for people who catch the rampant H3N2.

2 scientists are locked in a race to develop a groundbreaking vaccine for heroin, but it might not be a ‘magic bullet’

Dr. Kim Janda and Dr. Gary Matyas are locked in a race to develop a groundbreaking heroin vaccine. But it's unclear if the medicine will be a "magic bullet."

Trump could threaten years of progress in eliminating poverty around the world

The Gates Foundation predicted in 2014 that there would be almost no poor countries by 2035, but the Trump administration could derail those efforts.

Watch one of the world’s deadliest diseases take over the world then quickly become eradicated

To get a sense of how the efforts to eradicate smallpox panned out, this graphic maps out the smallpox outbreaks over the years.

Bernie Sanders lashed out at a drug company over potentially profiting from Zika

"American consumers should not be forced to pay the highest price in the world for a vaccine we paid to help develop," Sanders wrote.

BILL GATES: A new kind of terrorism could wipe out 30 million people in less than a year — and we are not prepared

source Mike Nudelman/Bu...

A pediatrician explains why it’s only a matter of time before we have another outbreak of a disease we once overcame

A virus that we've had a vaccine for since 1963 is at risk for making a major comeback in the US, Dr. Peter Hotez wrote in an opinion piece for The Times.

Bill Gates is teaming up with world leaders to stop the next deadly pandemic

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) will seek to research and develop new vaccines to stop the threat of infectious disease.