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Vaping among teens skyrocketed in the last year as cigarette use declined, new CDC study shows

The increase in popularity of e-cigarettes from startups like Juul have immense impact on teenagers picking up smoking habits, the CDC said.
A new study from Stanford University suggests Juul's 5.9% nicotine products have lead other e-cigarette companies to increase their nicotine content, starting a "nicotine arms race."

Juul may have pushed rival e-cigarette brands to compete in a ‘nicotine arms race,’ study says

A new study says that after Juul started selling its 5% nicotine vapes, other e-cigarette brands may have followed suit, starting a "nicotine arms race."

The FDA just called out e-cig startup Juul and tobacco giant Altria for backing away from a pledge to fight teen vaping

Regulators say e-cig startup Juul and its new part owner, tobacco giant Altria, are reneging on promises they made to curb teen vaping.
"Most explosions happened when the e-cigarette batteries were being charged," the CDC wrote on its website.

A man died after an e-cigarette exploded in his face, and his isn’t the first death from these devices

On January 29, a man was reported dead after his e-cigarette exploded and parts of it pierced his carotid artery. He isn't the first to die from such an incident.
Common treatments for nicotine addiction, like the patch and gum, aren't legal for teenagers to use.

The FDA is so concerned about teen vaping, they’re considering drug therapy to help kids quit

At a recent public hearing, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for more drug therapy research to help teenagers quit smoking and vaping tobacco.
Marijuana use is becoming less stigmatized.

Vaping marijuana is technically safer than smoking it, but one caveat could make the habit dangerous for your health

An expert says vaping marijuana is technically better for a person's health than smoking it, but certain trendy vape pens could also be dangerous.
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said in a new advisory that e-cigs like the Juul are a danger to kids and teens.

The company behind Marlboro just made a huge bet on Juul, and the move makes the Silicon Valley e-cig startup more valuable than Airbnb

Altria, the $100 billion tobacco giant behind Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes, has made a massive investment in Juul.
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said in a new advisory that e-cigs like the Juul are a danger to kids and teens.

The US surgeon general just issued a rare advisory about e-cigs like the Juul — here’s why vaping is so dangerous

In a rare national advisory, the top US public health figure warned of the dangers of e-cigarettes, focusing on vaping's effects on young people.
Bad news for the employees of Juul Labs Inc.

Juul to its employees: No more vaping at your desk

Juul will erect a tent outside of its San Francisco headquarters for vaping.
An image from Juul's 2015 New York City launch party collected by the Stanford researchers.

See how Juul turned teens into influencers and threw buzzy parties to fuel its rise as Silicon Valley’s favorite e-cig company

Stanford researchers assembling a trove of images, videos, and social-media posts that Juul Labs used to market its sleek devices say it clearly targeted teens.