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Angus, a 1,000-pound mobile robot

The world’s first autonomous farm features a 1,000-pound robot farmer named Angus

Technology startup Iron Ox is launching a hydroponic farm featuring a 1,000-pound mobile robot named Angus. While the typical farmer has to check their crops multiple times a day, Angus speeds up the process by transferring crops from the harvesting area to the production center.
Crop One Holdings' vertical farm in Massachusetts.

Dubai is getting the world’s largest vertical farm — and it will grow produce for the world’s largest international airport

Crop One, a Silicon Valley food startup, and Emirates Flight Catering, one of the world's largest airline catering operators, are building an indoor farm that will produce three tons of greens daily. The crops will be used for in-flight meals for 105 airlines at Dubai International Airport.
Inside Bowery Farming's warehouse farm in Kearny, New Jersey.

An executive behind Amazon’s massive warehouse fulfillment operation has moved to a vertical farming startup

Amazon veteran Brian Donato has joined Bowery, a vertical farming startup that grows greens indoors without natural sunlight or soil. He was hired to help the company scale up, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Antarctica’s new greenhouse can harvest vegetables even when it’s -100 degrees Fahrenheit outside — take a look

The German Aerospace Center's greenhouse in Antarctica just completed a harvest of vegetables in extreme conditions.
Inside Plenty's first farm in South San Francisco, California.

A Jeff Bezos-backed warehouse farm startup is building 300 indoor farms across China

After the largest ever ag-tech deal, vertical farming startup Plenty is expanding to China and aims to meet the country's rising demand for food.
Local Roots cofounder and CEO Eric Ellestad in one of the company's indoor farms.

SpaceX buys produce from this high-tech farm in a shipping container — take a look inside

A new indoor agriculture company called Local Roots makes indoor farms that grow crops under LED lights and without soil. SpaceX is one of its first customers.
A mushroom sprouts in Cycloponics' underground farm in Paris, France.

Inside a farm hidden under the streets of Paris in an abandoned parking garage

A Parisian startup called Cycloponics is growing greens and mushrooms underground. Take a look inside "the cave."
Inside Plenty's first farm in South San Francisco, California.

A new Jeff Bezos-backed warehouse farm will grow enough greens to feed 180,000 people per year

Vertical farming startup Plenty — which has raised $260 million to date — is opening a 100,000-square-foot farm in the greater Seattle, Washington area.
A display of WindowFarms hydroponic growing system.

A growing battle in the $47 billion organic food industry could fundamentally change the program — and some farmers are worried

This week, an advisory board to the USDA voted to allow non-soil farmers to label their products organic. Some traditional farmers are not happy.

An ex-Tesla executive is teaming up with a little-known vertical farming startup

Kurt Kelty, Tesla's former battery director, has joined the vertical ag startup Plenty, which wants to build indoor farms around the world.