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Francis Byrne, 94, to receive Purple Heart for injuries sustained during WWII

The US Army is granting this 94-year-old WWII vet’s dying wish by presenting him with a Purple Heart

It's taken seven decades, but this Army veteran who was wounded by a land mine in Belgium during World War II will finally receive his Purple Heart.
Dr. Sudip Bose.

A doctor who achieved a near-perfect score on the medical-board exam shares his 6 best strategies to memorize any kind of information

Dr. Sudip Bose is a former major in the US Army and is an Iraq War veteran. He said learning doesn't stop after being a student.
Former commander Jocko Willink retired from the Navy SEALs in 2010.

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains what it was like to adjust to civilian life after 20 years of service

After serving as a Navy SEAL for 20 years, former commander Jocko Willink shares his experience living a civilian life and how he became successful from his military training.
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink and his team rebelled against their platoon leader for being "tyrannical."

A retired Navy SEAL says SEALs’ blind obedience shown in books and movies isn’t anything like real life

Before retiring in 2010, Jocko Willink trained and served as a leader in the military for 20 years and led the most highly decorated US special operations unit of the Iraq War, SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser. Achieving that success did not come from blind obedience, he said.

America’s oldest living WWII veteran just turned 112 — and he smokes 12 cigars a day

Richard Overton, America's oldest World War II veteran and oldest man in America, turned 112 years old on Friday.
The team of surgeons at Johns Hopkins

A wounded soldier has received the world’s first full penis and scrotum transplant

A soldier received a full penis transplant along with the scrotum and abdominal wall from an organ donor. This is a major first for organ transplants.
Albert Wong.

The California man suspected of holding 3 women hostage before killing them and himself was an Army veteran once hailed as a ‘hero’

Albert Wong, 36, was reportedly a tortured Afghanistan war veteran who had a hard time dealing with civilian life after his deployment.