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"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

Trump appeared to confuse napalm with Agent Orange — and he reportedly got the idea from an iconic movie set in the Vietnam War

President Donald Trump reportedly confused veterans advocacy leaders after he appeared to conflate Agent Orange with napalm.

The US military apparently wanted to use jetpacks during the Vietnam War

The invention could have been used in more ways than you'd expect.

Trump says he’s thinking ‘very seriously’ about pardoning Muhammad Ali, whose attorney says would be ‘unnecessary’

President Donald Trump said Friday he was thinking "very seriously" about pardoning the late boxer Muhammed Ali, who refused to be inducted into the army during the Vietnam War and whose conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971. Trump added he's considering pardons for "some others."

Actor Bill Murray writes op-ed comparing Parkland shooting activists to the students who helped end the Vietnam War

"It was the students who made all the news, and that noise started, and then the movement wouldn't stop," Bill Murray wrote in an NBC News op-ed.

50 years ago, Vietnamese forces launched the Tet Offensive and changed how America saw the Vietnam War

Americans saw a stark contrast to what they had been told — that the communists were losing and the war could be over soon.
A US Marine Corps sniper team searches for targets in the Khe Sanh Valley

50 years ago, US troops bunkered down for the Vietnam War’s most infamous siege — here’s how the Battle of Khe Sanh unfolded

There are still debates about the true number of casualties, but estimates range that 1,000 to 3,500 US soldiers died.
US Army soldiers wake up in their fighting position after a night patrol in the mountains near Sar Howza, Paktika province, Afghanistan.

Veterans are unloading on Roy Moore’s comments about military service

Politicians have long touted their military service during their campaigns, and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is no exception.

John McCain took an indirect shot at Trump for his famous deferment during the Vietnam War

"If we're going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve," McCain said.

Trump is again attacking Sen. Richard Blumenthal over his military service — here’s the real story

Blumenthal, a Democratic senator from Connecticut, spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserves during the Vietnam War.