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Her grandfather painted her nails.

A grandpa did his granddaughter’s nails while she recovered from surgery, and people can’t get enough of his sweet act

Ayla Winter-White says her grandfather has been painting her grandmother's nails for more than 30 years.
Floyd Martin had a retirement party he'll never forget.

A Georgia neighborhood celebrated their beloved mailman’s retirement after 35 years with a block party and a trip to Hawaii

Mailman Floyd Martin is proof that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. His neighborhood threw him a goodbye party he'll never forget.
Even after years of being lost, some pets are sometimes found.

A family has been reunited with their pet cat after it ran away 11 years ago

The family cat, Fergie, was found in the same neighborhood by a neighbor over a decade later.
The man was driving erratically because of a pig in his lap.

When a cop pulled over an erratic driver, he was surprised to find a 250-pound pig in the driver’s lap

A man was pulled over for erratic driving, but it wasn't because the driver was distracted by his phone ...
People are sharing the results of the "Florida Man challenge" all over social media.

The ‘Florida Man challenge’ is going viral. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Everyone's talking about the "Florida Man challenge." Here's what it is and how to play.
Thomas Harwell helping an elderly woman at a country music concert.

A photo of a firefighter carrying an elderly woman up the stairs at a country concert is going viral and people are applauding it

Thomas Harwell helped the woman to her seat at the beginning of the show and "decided I wasn't going to leave until I helped her upstairs."
Kayleigh Brown's "The Office"-themed bridal shower went viral.

A superfan of ‘The Office’ made the show her bridal shower theme and the photos are going viral

Kayleigh Brown's bridesmaids surprised her with a "The Office"-themed bridal shower packed with references in the food, decor, and party games.
Video shows the moment an avalanche swept across Interstate 70 in Colorado on Sunday.

Videos show 2 different avalanches pummeling a Colorado interstate within minutes of each other

Interstate 70 in Colorado was closed for three hours on Sunday after two avalanches covered the road in snow.
Judith Streng, left, was swept out to sea while posing on a beached iceberg in Iceland this week. On the right is a picture of Diamond Beach, where the incident happened.

A grandmother had to be rescued when the iceberg she was posing for a picture on was swept out to sea

Judith Streng of Texas was posing for a picture on a beached iceberg in Iceland this week when a wave hit and swept her out to sea.
Thousands jumped into the freezing cold waters for the Polar Plunge.

20 photos that show how brutal the Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge actually is

Thousand flocked to Coney Island on New Year's Day to celebrate the 115th Polar Plunge by jumping into the frigid Atlantic Ocean for a good cause.