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Behind the rise of TikTok stars Angel Mamii and John Dees, who met through the app 8 months ago and have rewritten the rulebook for viral fame

Angel Mamii and John Dees are rising stars of TikTok — since September, their surreal videos have racked up tens of millions of views.
Justin Bieber recently admitted to not liking the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Justin Bieber says the Popeyes chicken sandwich is ‘not worth the hype’

On Thursday night, Justin Bieber finally tried the wildly popular chicken sandwich from Popeyes, but he wasn't impressed.
Zeena Hernandez and Lisa Yang took their unity ceremony to new heights when they lifted a 253-pound barbell together on their wedding day.

2 brides lifted a 253-pound barbell together after exchanging vows to celebrate their marriage

The photo of Zeena Hernandez, 27, and Lisa Yang, 28, lifting the barbell together in their wedding dresses has since gone viral.
5-year-old marching band drummer Jeremiah Travis.

A college awarded a marching band scholarship to a 5-year-old viral drumming prodigy

Jeremiah Travis hasn't completed kindergarten yet, but the high school's band director already says he's one of the best performers on the team.
Andrew Wang created a Twitter account dedicated to his homemade tortellini to win over a girl on Tinder.

A 21-year-old won over his Tinder match by making a Twitter account just to show her his homemade pasta

Since Tinder doesn't allow users to send pictures to each other on the app, Andrew Wang told Insider he had "no choice but to make a Twitter account."
Nidra Cummings is pictured with her son, Nathan, and they make an adorable Popeyes-themed pair.

A little boy dressed as the Popeyes chicken sandwich for Halloween, and you won’t see anything cuter

Nidra Cummings turned her 2-year-old son, Nathan, into an adorable version of the famed Popeyes chicken sandwich using felt, foam, and Corn Flakes.
A couple posing with protective masks in their wedding photo during the California wildfires has gone viral.

A couple wore protective face masks in their wedding photo during the California wildfires, and the striking image has gone viral

Curtis Ferland told Insider it was the last wedding photo that he and his bride, Katie, took before going indoors for their reception on Saturday.
Laleh Mohmedi arranges her son's food into characters and other fun images.

A mom turns her son’s healthy meals into works of art inspired by popular characters and the designs are going viral

Artist Laleh Mohmedi said her favorite ingredient to work with is mashed potatoes, and that the hardest plates to create are "pretty celebrities."
Waves can be strong, which Ariel should know.

An artist imagines what your favorite Disney princesses would look like in real life, and the results are extremely relatable

Andhika Muksin's art asks the important questions, like "How does Pocahontas' hair stay flawless with wind blowing in her face?"
Iconic New York steakhouse Peter Luger just received a scathing zero-star review in The New York Times.

Peter Luger’s manager says its steaks are still ‘the best you can eat’ after scathing zero-star review from The New York Times

Pete Wells wrote that his fries were "mealy and bland" and that the Caesar salad's croutons were "straight out of the bag."