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Iowa could be the next state to amend its constitution and restore voting rights to tens of thousands of ex-felons

Florida voters approved a similar amendment last year, and if Iowa follows suit, only two US states will have lifetime voting bans for all felons.

10 photos show the beauty and danger of the ‘mammoth’ winter storm that pummeled parts of the US Southeast with over 1 foot of snow

A massive storm is pelting southern states with freezing rain, snow, and ice, leaving over 300,000 people without power across the Carolinas.

A ‘mammoth’ storm in North Carolina has knocked out power for more than 300,000, and officials are warning there’s more to come

A massive storm is pelting southern states with freezing rain, snow, and ice, causing over 300,000 power outages across the Carolinas and Virginia.
A screenshot of the post.

The family of a 10-year-old girl with Stage 4 cancer says she was mocked by salon employees

Over the weekend, Iliana, 10, who has Stage 4 cancer, went to a salon. In a post, her family says salon employees made fun of her appearance.

Amazon has finally revealed where it will develop its HQ2 — here’s where in Arlington and New York City it will be

Amazon has officially announced it will develop its HQ2 in Long Island City and Arlington, Virginia. Here's exactly where it could be.
What exactly is National Landing, Virginia?

Amazon is essentially creating a new neighborhood in Virginia for its HQ2 — and people are confused

National Landing appears to be a brand-new neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, created especially for Amazon's HQ2.

Amazon is getting massively different tax breaks from New York and Virginia

While Virginia offered $573 million in performance-based direct incentives, New York opened its purse strings to the tune of $1.5 billion.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos delivers remarks at a White House event in 2016.

Amazon HQ2 is headed to the Washington, DC area, so we asked local startups what they thought about the move — here’s what they said

Amazon has chosen the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia for its second headquarters.
Arlington, Virginia, was long considered a front-runner.

Arlington, Virginia, lured in Amazon with promises of a helipad and a cash grant of up to $550 million

Arlington, Virginia, will be the site of roughly half of Amazon's HQ2. Here's a look inside the economic incentives the city offered the tech giant.
The Long Island City skyline during Hurricane Sandy.

Amazon is headed to Long Island City, Queens — an area that could be underwater by 2100

Amazon's second headquarters is headed to Long Island City, Queens, an area that's particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise.