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There will be no re-creations of the Nintendo 64 holiday freakout this year.

Sorry, Nintendo 64 fans: It sounds like Nintendo isn’t making a miniature ‘Classic Edition’ anytime soon

A miniature Nintendo 64 console isn't in the works, says the president of Nintendo of America.

Netflix will stop working on over 100 million Nintendo Wii consoles this January

Still using Netflix on your Nintendo Wii? Bad news: It's going to stop working in early January 2019.

Nintendo is getting in its own way by not putting its classic games store on the Switch — something fans have been craving for over a year

Defying expectation and logic, Nintendo isn't putting its Virtual Console classic games store on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is at the top of its game — here are 11 reasons you should be excited for the coming year

Nintendo has big plans for 2018. Here's everything we know thus far.

REVIEW: Nintendo’s new game console is a fast, competent piece of hardware without enough software

Nintendo's new game console, the Switch, is a solid piece of hardware. There's one big problem: not enough software.

A crucial feature of Nintendo’s new game console will not be available at launch

Nintendo's long-running Virtual Console service will not be ready for the Nintendo Switch launch on March 3.

The Nintendo Switch comes with a new online service — but it sounds terrible

Nintendo has a long history of ignoring the rise of the internet. The Japanese game maker is continuing that tradition with its new console.