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Behind the life and death of a star money manager accused of insider trading

An insider-trading charge undid Sanjay Valvani, a star hedge fund manager at Visium Asset Management. Friends and colleagues have been grappling ever since.

We now know who blew the whistle on Visium Asset Management

The whistleblower in a federal case that has brought down Visium Asset Management has been revealed.

The hedge fund at the heart of an insider-trading scandal is winding down a key fund

Ken Griffin's Citadel has hired 17 portfolio managers from disgraced hedge fund Visium Asset Management.

This investor is making serious money from pain in the hedge fund industry

One recent bid for Andrew Lawrence's Rosebrook Capital came from an investor in Visium, which is shutting down amid an insider-trading scandal.

A hedge fund darling imploded — and now everyone has one question

As Wall Street distanced itself from Visium, the hedge fund that is shutting amid an insider-trading scandal, Main Street investors kept adding money.

The hedge fund at the heart of an insider-trading case is down double digits

The healthcare-focused Visium Balanced Fund, the hedge fund at the center of an insider-trading investigation, has dropped further in performance.

Visium’s Sanjay Valvani found dead in apparent suicide after insider trading charge

Sanjay Valvani, the Visium portfolio manager who was charged with insider trading by the Department of Justice last week, was found dead in an apparent suicide.

Wall Street has been rocked by an $8 billion hedge fund’s implosion

Visium Asset Management, a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, has closed after a series of problems, founder Jacob Gottlieb told investors on Friday.

The hedge fund at the center of an insider-trading scandal is shutting down

Visium said that it anticipates withholding 3% to 5% of assets in reserve for "possible liabilities and other contingencies."

REPORT: The investment firm at the heart of an insider trading case is selling one of its funds

Visium Asset Management, the hedge fund at the heart of an insider trading investigation, is being bought by AllianceBernstein, according to a Dow Jones report.