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An ex-Apple engineer created brilliant new iPhone software that would make Apple jealous — take a look

This is one of the coolest iPhone user-interface concepts we've seen.

‘What the hell is this thing?’: Designers on the new ‘Pokémon’ movie detail the bizarre process of translating cartoons i...

"Pokemon Detective Pikachu" transforms cartoon Pokémon into "real" creatures through the magic of visual effects.

We talked to the guy who makes dragons come to life on ‘Game of Thrones’ about Sunday’s big, fiery battle

Business Insider recently talked with the "Father of Dragons," Sven Martin, who's been working on the dragons at Pixomondo since "Game of Thrones" season two.

The most controversial part of ‘Rogue One’ has finally been explained

Here's how one of the classic "Star Wars" villains, Grand Moff Tarkin, came back for "Rogue One" using the magic of CGI.

A visual effects studio in California is giving artists with autism a chance to work on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters

A combination vocational school and animation studio in California is giving artists with autism a chance to break into one of America's toughest industries.

Hollywood’s dirty secret to make stars look younger is more common than you realize

Expensive digital retouching is used to erase age marks off male and female actors, and some require it in their contracts.

‘Star Wars’ animator says ‘I took LSD’ while working on ‘Return of the Jedi’

Phil Tippett has had a rich, fascinating career in visual effects.