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George Clooney cashed in big time on his tequila brand.

15 celebrity-owned liquor brands, ranked by the price of a bottle

Since George Clooney sold Casaamigos tequila to Diageo for $1 billion in 2017, it seems everyone is trying to get in on the act.
Absolut's iconic print ads generally featured the same two things: the bottle and the text.

21 of the most clever Absolut vodka print ads

Thanks to its ads, Absolut went from a niche brand to the most heavily advertised liquor in the world.
Atomik vodka.

Scientists have made artisan vodka from contaminated grain grown in Chernobyl’s radioactive exclusion zone

They called it Atomik vodka, and it's the first consumer product to be made within the exclusion zone of the nuclear reactor.

These booze-filled ice pops contain 15% alcohol and come in different cocktail flavors, from watermelon martini to vodka lemonade

Ice pops are a childhood summer staple, but Drake's Organic Spiked Ices are here to remind you that they aren't just for kids.
The author, Emma Witman, said there are certain drinks bartenders will judge customers for ordering.

I’m a bartender — and these are the drinks that we secretly judge you for ordering

No matter what kind of drink you order, bartenders will happily make it. But there are some drinks they will secretly judge you for ordering.
Vodka is surprisingly versatile.

10 interesting uses for vodka that you probably didn’t know

From cleaning your kitchen to healing pesky cold sores, there are plenty of versatile ways to use vodka.
In Texas, you can visit the headquarters of Deep Eddy Vodka.

7 places to visit if you love vodka

From museums in Russia to specialty distilleries in New York City, here are some places to visit if you love vodka.
There are a lot of special flavors of vodka out there.

17 unique vodka flavors you can try

Whether pickle-flavored vodka or vodka that tastes like blueberry pancakes, here are some unique vodka flavors you can try.
Cold-brew-flavored vodka is now a thing.

Cold brew vodka is now a thing and it’s perfect for those who appreciate both a stiff drink and a cup of coffee

SKYY just released cold-brew-flavored vodka and it's already getting rave reviews. Here's what you need to know before you try it.
Picture shows vodka bottles that were seized by the Dutch customs authorities in the port of Rotterdam, on February 26, 2019.

Dutch officials seized 90,000 bottles of Russian vodka they believe were bound for North Korea

UN member countries are banned from trading luxury goods to North Korea, where nearly half of the population is estimated to be malnourished.