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Google wants people with Down syndrome to record themselves speaking to help train its AI to recognize unique speech patterns

Voice technology has historically struggled to understand people with unique speech patterns, like those with Down syndrome.

Amazon’s Alexa can now schedule doctor’s appointments and give you updates on your prescription drug shipments

Alexa can schedule doctor's appointments or track when a prescription is set to be delivered.

A new company just launched that can detect depression based on the sound of your voice — here’s how it works

Behavioral health-tech startup Cogito has spun out a new company focused on detecting mental illnesses like depression based on the sound of your voice.
Jamie Dupree on WSB.

This tech company used AI to give a radio host his voice back after it was robbed by a rare medical disorder

A tech company called Cereproc has built a voice for American journalist and radio host Jamie Dupree using artificial intelligence. Dupree began to lose his voice in 2016 due to a rare neurological condition.
Amazon's Alexa keeps recordings of some of what you say.

Amazon’s Alexa keeps recordings of your voice — here’s how to listen to them

Amazon's Alexa is learning more about you than you might expect. Here's how to access and listen to the recordings it's keeping of your voice.

Google and Walmart are joining forces to take on Amazon

Google just gave its commerce platform Google Express a shot in the arm by partnering with Walmart.

ICE director appears to break with one of Trump’s key beliefs on immigrants and crime

The statement contrasts with Trump's frequent insistence that undocumented immigrants present a public safety threat to Americans.

5 surprising ways your voice affects your success

It's not just what you say, but how you say it.