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Amazon workers reportedly get to hear some of what you tell Alexa, and they have a chat room to talk about ‘amusing’ recordings

Amazon has workers listening to some number of Alexa voice recordings, according to a report from Bloomberg.

This Y Combinator-backed AI firm trained its chatbot to call you on the phone, and it’s fun but a little creepy

Replika, the app that creates a chatbot which learns to imitate you, is now giving users the ability to talk to their bots on the phone.

Amazon says the laughing Echo devices that terrified some users happened because Alexa ‘mistakenly’ thought it heard instructions to laugh...

Amazon is aware that some of its Echo devices are spontaneously bursting into laughter, and the company says it's working on a fix.
A man uses an iris recognition scanner during the Biometrics 2004 exhibition and conference October 14, 2004 in London.

Password-free smartphones are no longer the stuff of science fiction — they’re everywhere

Less than five years ago, fingerprint and eye scanners in smartphones seemed like a mad-scientist's dream.

Microsoft’s voice-recognition tech is now better than even teams of humans at transcribing conversations

Microsoft already had tech that was better than a human at transcribing speech. Now, it can beat a whole team of humans.

Apple will save you from listening to long rambling voicemails

Apple will include voicemail transcriptions in the iPhone.

Google’s Echo-rival will have a button for muting its microphone

Google CEO Sundar Pichai detailed how the company is ensuring that the new smart appliance destined for bedrooms and kitchens doesn't raise privacy worries.

Google is playing defense instead of setting the agenda

Google has a track record of setting the tech industry's direction, but there wasn't much evidence of it at this year's I/O conference.